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McCain Campaign To Leak Runningmate's Name?
Written by Chet   

Rumour Alert from the Twin Cities:

John McSame's runningmate's name to be "leaked" to the media at 6pm.  To be confirmed by his campaign at 8pm. 

The idea is that it will steal the spotlight from Obama and this AMAZING convention.

I think McCain's people would be idiots to do this.

I don't believe the rumour.

That's shouldn't stop me from publishing it, though.  


What It's Like In Here
Written by Chet   

The ViewSorry no posts lately, but I've been down on the floor shooting video, interviews, etc., and getting the run around.

Anyway, I'm back in the mini-lounge again.  I don't know where Adam is.  This place is packed.

Down on the floor the energy is thick.

The place is filling up now.

Will i. Am is coming out right now.

Watch the stream at ustream, or below.  (maybe i should move it to the top again.)

Invesco Field in Denver
Written by Chet   




I'm at Invesco field in Denver.  The view from the bloggers lounge is this picture.  The North Dakota delegation's seating area is to the far right of this picture, just beyond what you see.

It's a beautiful, sunny day here in Denver.  Sort of hot, but that's better than the "R" word.  THe stands are slowly filling.  They started letting people in for general admission about 4 minutes ago (in theory).  I walked out on the floor earlier and scoped out the view from the delegation's seating.  Frankly, I was underimpressed.

Speaking of which, as we walked in, some staffer made Adam take off a button he was wearing.  It said "Ask Me How Many Houses I Own."  They said "no political buttons."  They asked to look in my backpack.  "No signs allowed."  I hate to be a grinch, but this place seems a little bit like a "free speech free" zone.  Kind of like the "Freedom Cage" where the protestors are allowed to protest.  

Anyway, the word is that they're going to let us hang out in the blogger's lounge in shifts.  Something like 30 minute shifts.  Then go out and get in line to come back in, if you want.  

We have a floor pass in here, too, so we can go down and sit with the delegation.  There is no power or internet connection down on the floor, so we won't be blogging from the floor, or streaming video.  You should be able to do the Ustream page we posted in an earlier post.  

I'm uploading more photos to the PHOTOBUCKET page.  CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS!!!  Not all of the photos in that folder were taken today.  

We met former South Dakota Senator Tom Daschle this morning and got to visit with him.  He's a good guy.  Maybe when Obama wins, he'll get a cabinet position.  You can see photos in the photobucket.  

Is he ready? Will it rain? And other unanswered questions.
Written by Mark Sutton   
MarkDNC08 - Day 4

As an all-around exciting week draws to what thousands hope will be a dramatic conclusion, a shift in venue adds just another touch of drama to day four of DNC08.

The question that few have asked is will it rain? Though the forecast looks good, bad weather could really bog things down. Many people won’t plan a wedding outside, but Barack Obama took the bold move of planning his biggest speech ever out in mother nature (or at least subject to it.)

After a week that has included a number of great speeches, one has to assume that Barack is ready for this one. This is his strength, he will put an exclamation point on the whole affair. I just hope the logistic challenges don’t leave anyone out in the cold.

While the whole week has been well planned and organized, it seems that many of the details for the final event have been sketchy. Even talking with the few members of the press, some are not sure if the credentials they hold will get them in. Securing tickets has been an issue for a number of new media members who weren’t issued credentials. Some have tickets with seats and rows, others have Who-style passes to the Pepsi center that should also get them into Invesco.


The process before the convention was equally unclear. There were supposed to be tickets available by state, but after contacting my local Obama office, I was eventually told that they didn’t get any. How about the well-connected Big Tent, were they offered any? No.

Finally, volunteers who put in more than 6 hours (and they’ve done a great job here) were promised tickets, but some of them apparently couldn’t get one either. It’s the super bowl, the hottest ticket in town. And when you add in people from Denver and others Democrats in town just to be a part of “the scene,” I’m putting odds on what the street value of the tickets are. The doors open at 1pm, and I for one plan to get a seat early.


Mark Sutton, Producer/Composer

[Note from Editor:  Mark is a guest blogger we've connected with here in Denver.  Look for his new show, "Liberal Arts" soon on progressive radio near you.]

North Dakota Democrats in Denver 2008: Mark Greenwood
Written by Administrator   

Dickinson Attorney Mark Greenwood on the floor of the Pepsi Center.

Liveblogging the Convention 08-27-2008
Written by Adam   

Bill Clinton is walking on right now. 

7:06:  Thank you, Thank you very much...He even sounds like elvis.../snark

7:07--SIT DOWN!  seriously...That's Great! I am here first to support Barack Obama! second, I am here to warm up the crowd for Joe Biden!  Great!

7:10--and that makes 18 million of us!

7:13--Barack Obama is the man for this Job--That will be the tagline for the speech tomorrow morning!

7:15--Barack Obama is ready to lead America, Barack Obama is ready to be President of the United States.

7:18--Thank God someone is playing CYA for the Democrats and saying what John McCain's people keep arguing

7:21--We can do better than that, and Barack Obama WILL do better than that!  Yes we can, but first must elect him!

7:23--More Band-Aids for healthcare! They actually want to reward them for the lasy 8 years with 4 more--The third time is NOT the charm!

This was the speech we were all expecting from Hillary.  Any more PUMA people need to shut up now. Officially, by proclamation of Bill Clinton.

Kerry is up next!

7:36--This time we're going to win!  Yes we are!

7:37--90% of George Bush is just more than we can take.

7:40--Talk about being for it before you were against it!  Finish the debate with himself--I love it!

7:43--Who can we trust to keep america safe? Barack Obama--Very good crowd!

7:47--When right, keep it right, when wrong, make it right.

Rear Admiral John Hutson-- The Grand Old Party is o longer grand, its just old--Hilarious!

7:58--Brief note in the lull here.  Here's an excellent marketing strategy courtesy of Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer.  

8:01--Chet Edwards represents Crawford, TX where Bush lives.

Tammy Duckworth--She lost both legs in Iraq and ran for Congress in '06.

Nominating Joe Biden--Sources say that Obama is going to show up at the end---to give Joe a tiara???

8:32--Here comes Joe!

8:38--Bloody their nose so you you can walk down the street the next day...

8:40--Nobody is better than you - everyone is your equal.

8:41--if George--Excuse me, John McCain is elected president--The tent erupted in laughter!

8:43--This is great! He is making an excellent case!  The crowd is raprtured.

8:46--That's not change that's more of the same!

8:57--See, I toooold ya! Obama shows up!

In closing, tonight did everything that was missing from the last two days.  Tomorrow we move on to the future!!!  What a great day in Democrat history.  As one closing note, I am going to be calling it the "Republic Party" from now on.

I witnessed history today!
Written by Adam   

I am totally geeking out!  I got to be on the floor of the convention to witness the first roll call vote in 16 years of political conventions.  The convention erupted in forceful applause!  I heard one "nay" in the whole house. Sounded like it came from behind me(New York, New Jersey, or Massachusets maybe, but I have no clue.  There were a few oddities in the deal.  All states that gave their votes had heavily tilted majorities.  California, and Illinois passed(California had a heavy win by Clinton, so they held off(at least thats what I understand).  Illinois, being Obama's home state did not vote.  The rest of the states and territories cast their votes in alphabetical order. 



American Samoa







District of Columbia
















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico yielded the floor to Illinois

Illinois yielded the floor to New York

New York yielded to Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton moved to suspend the rules of the convention, suspend the roll call vote, and cast a vote of acclamation for Barack Obama

The convention went wild!

I knew it!  I knew that this was exactly what would happen.  the order and the timeline I was unsure about, but I absolutely knew that Clinton was going to do this.   This is the move for party unity that was needed.  

Now if they could switch to Cspan in the big tent(Chad and I switched places) instead of CNN Crap...


2008 Democratic Convention Officials: Alex Reichert
Written by Chet   

Grand Forks Attorney Alex Reichert comments on the Democratic Convention in Denver


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