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Liveblogging the RNC
Written by Adam   

Watching Mitt Romney, Man, I wish he could have been the nominee!  Biden would have slaughtered him!

Terrorists should never be afforded constitutional rights!

Work requirements were taken out of welfare by none other than Bill Clinton.

8:17--How many times do I have to explainthat Offshore oil drilling will do nothing--3% of the reserves, 25% of the demand.  Drop. In. The. Bucket.

8:20--So was Palin proud of her country when she attended a secessionist convention at least twice? I don't question Michelle Obama's patriotism or Palin's patriotism, shut up about a butchered comment already...

Huckabee next

8:28--That Elite Liberal Media again...

8:29--It is about you--you want something to change. 

8:30--You know, I disagree with him, but Huckabee is a good speaker.  Had he been nominated, it would have been a different ball game, and a lot more exciting.

8:35--talking about experience, Palin got more votes for mayor than Biden got for President--because votes = experience...

8:41 Olbermann Fact Check-- Biden got votes in Florida and California that on their own would have given him more votes than Palin would have recieved in both elections in Wasilla.  Also, Lincoln did not found the Republican Party, he managed to get their nomination on the third ballot of their second ballot. Apparently speechwriters did not know how to use the Google.

8:56--May I say that Pat Buchannan has a terrible combover?

Saint Rudy of 9/11

9:03--There's that Left Wing Media again!

9:05--wait, wait, wait, I thought the applicants name was crossed off?  

9:09--a few years later...try 8.

9:14--Drill, Baby, Drill!!!

9:16--AAAAHHH!!! My head is starting to hurt with all the stupidity!!!


9:20--so Rudy's idea of a strong, informed position is "Today, we are all Georgians?" but nuance, and understanding of a complex situation that does appear to have been fueled by both sides is waffling...interesting...

9:26--I think I just say Rudy Giuliani manufacture an attack on Palin to attack the manufactured attackers for attacking Palin... What Democrat has asked about Palin being able to take care of her family?

Sarah Palin

9:29--I expect a rousing speech...I will actually be disappointed with a weak one.  She should be able to get quite a few applause lines.

9:33--there was no hope for that candidate...until the lobbyists revived it with money from K street...

9:37--A very nice looking family!  

9:43--Who the heck is the lady that they were taking out of the arena???

9:44--Washington elite liberal media...

9:47--since Bush left the country better than HE found it...

9:50--so if she said "Thanks, but no thanks" to the bridge to nowhere, why is it there?

9:54--Checking over at Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis , the credentialed DNC blog from Alaska--"'Our state budget is under control...we have a surplus.' OMG...she's taking credit for oil prices?????"

9:55--No major legislation...except that ethics package...

9:57--Obama is definitely against strengthening America...and what the hell does the Gateway Arch have to do with Palin?

9:59--I hate to tell you something, but that debt has to be paid off somehow...

10:01--if lobbyists don't want to have a McCain presidency, then why did they run his campaign when it was in the gutter that year ago...

10:03--She is an attack dog, I will say that...

10:08--As much as I thought a lot of it was a load of crap, it was a very good speech on its merits.  a lot of tough jabs to the jaw of Obama. A lot of them were unfair, but they were harsh attacks.  That was exactly what I expected.

10:10--Holy Crap, its John McSame!  Nobody saw that coming!

10:22--Wait, Alaska's delegation is in the back of the hall...at the DNC, the Illinois delegation and the Deleware delegation were in the front...

North Dakota Republicans For Obama
Written by Chet   

ObimoThat didn't take long.  The Obama campaign has announced a preliminary list of some of the Republicans who have recognized that the best thing for America and for North Dakota would be for the entire country to unite behind the Obama/Biden campaign.  Here's the press release:

Obama Campaign Announces
“North Dakota Republicans for Obama”  
FARGO, ND – Obama for America today announced “North Dakota Republicans for Obama,” an organization of committed North Dakota Republicans who are supporting Senator Obama. The organization will spearhead efforts to mobilize support for Barack Obama among Republicans in North Dakota. Senator Obama has developed a broad coalition of support among Democrats, Republicans and Independents in North Dakota who have responded to his message of bringing America together to deliver the change we need.
"I've been a Republican my entire life, but I strongly believe that Senator Obama is a leader who will get our country back on the right track," said Ellen Dehn, a retired small business owner from Hatton, ND. "With the challenges that our middle class families are facing here in North Dakota, this election presents a clear choice: more of the same failed economic policies of the Bush administration or the change we need."

Initial members of “North Dakota Republicans for Obama” include:

Juliane Wilkinson, Lakota, Registered Nurse

Aaron Weston, Langdon, Former Truck Driver

Becky Braathen, Tolna, Insurance Agent

Carolyn Berdal, Petersburg, Tech Coordinator

Joann Larocque, Saint John          

Ellen Dehn, Hatton, Small Business Owner

Laurel Johnson, Hatton, Registered Nurse

Lavonne Beach, Carrington, Homemaker

Barbara Loe, McHenry, Retired

Linda Babinski, Minot, Retired Social Worker

Kathy Holter, Grand Forks      

Richard Ziniel, Grand Forks, Retired Postal Worker

Ron Anseth, Grand Forks      

Alberta Voegele, McClusky, Daycare Operator

Derek Thompson, Fargo    

Michael Hardy, Fargo, Retired Investment Manager

Elaine Neubauer, West Fargo, Dental Technician

Crystal Miller, Oakes, Waitress

Nancy Johnson, Nome, Teacher

Cathrine Hruby, Bismarck, Retired Secretary

Mary Appert, Bismarck             

Mark Joy, Jamestown, Professor, Student Advisor

Verdella Nelson, Williston, Retired Telephone Operator

Eloise Lunder, Minot, Retired Nurse

Judy Olson, Minot, County Employee

Donavon Dehn, Hatton, Retired Electrical Worker

Cheree Vaughn, Minot, Operations Manager

Larry Adams, Fargo, Regional Manager

Ruth Belgarde, Dunseith             

Adeline Denault, Edinburg, Retired

Mary Feldner, Starkweather, Retired

Residents interested in joining “North Dakota Republicans for Obama” may sign up at:



September 3, 2008
Contact: Jan Messerschmidt, jmesserschmidt@barackobama.com

It was just a matter of time. 

I've had other North Dakota Republicans tell me they're supporting Obama for President.  I've also had a number of them tell me they're supporting Jasper Schneider for N.D. Insurance Commissioner.  They'd never put their names on a list like this for fear of being retaliated against by the retaliators who lead North Dakota's GOP, but there are apparently a bunch of you guys out there. 

I suppose I need to take back some of the bad things I've said about Republicans now.







Question for our many Republican readers:  Why isn't your name on that list?

When pundits say what they actually think and more on Palin...
Written by Adam   




In the words of Urkel "Did I do that?"

Well there you have it from the horse's mouth:  Mike Murphy(McSame's campaign advisor in 2000) and Peggy Noonan(Speechwriter for Reagan)both saying what we all know.  McCain is screwed!

By the way, more coming out in the past few days that really makes you scratch your head and wonder how much vetting they did on Palin:


As it appears, Palin has some ties to the Alaskan Independence Party.  They believe in exactly that: Alaskan Independence.  They want to have a vote on Alaskan Secession.  Also, in 2000, they passed a resolution stating:


...if any federal order attempts to make it unlawful for individual Americans to own firearms or to confiscate firearms...

Here is a quote from the party's founder:

 "The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government...and I won't be buried under their damn flag." - Joe Vogler, Founder of the Alaskan Independence Party (AIP)

Here's another one from the same article:

In the course of denouncing Federal regulation over land, he said:

"And then you get mad. And you say, the hell with them. And you renounce allegiance, and you pledge your efforts, your effects, your honor, your life to Alaska."

Her husband was a registered member of the party up until 2002.  A release of Palin's voter registration records shows that she was never a member of the party, but the McSame campaign confirmed that Palin attended the party's convention in 2000, when the above resolution was passed.  It was apparently a "courtesy visit" as a mayor. She also addressed the party's convention this year with this message:


No mincing of words there, you can tell...

I have to ask, What if Barack Obama had given such a speech, or if he were connected to a party that in any way advocated a state seceeding from the Union?  Again, Palin is a republican, and is of course immune to such insinuations.  What am I thinking?


This is Dan Quayle and Thomas Eagleton all rolled into one!

[UPDATE #1:  Here's a similar -- though slightly different -- video which seems to make pretty clear that Palin hates America.

Why would someone who claims to love the United States of America want her state to secede from the union?  Can one of you smart righties explain that to me?]

Quote of The Day: Luke Russert
Written by Chet   

"The convention might be in St. Paul, but the revolution is in Ron Paul."

(this morning on MSNBC)

Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman
Written by Chet   

DroopyI resent Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman.  They gave speeches tonight in St. Paul that made it hard to stay awake for the Daily Show.

And I throw up just a little bit every time Lieberman says he's a Democrat.   He's not a Democrat.  He's not a Republican.  He's an opportunist.

Live Streaming Elephants
Written by Chet   

For your viewing pleasure, here's the stream for the RNC's convention in St. Paul. 

When it's live, the stream will be live.  The rest of the time,  I think ustream will run reruns of stuff from the previous night.

You can always count on NorthDecoder.com to be fair and balanced.

Last time I talked to Curly Haugland of Bismarck, he told me he's running for the position of chairman of the RNC this week.  Have you seen anything about that in any North Dakota newspapers?

Hurricane Gustav, John McCain, and the RNC
Written by Adam   

I have to first say that as someone that has family in Biloxi, MI whose house was destroyed in 2005, I have a great concern for the well being of those along the gulf coast.  Please pray and consider going down to help if you have the chance and it is needed.  That aside, <snark>I thought the Democrats were supposed to get rained out. 

Ok, off with the snark, on with the award winning analysis</snark>...

The Republicans have decided to do away with the pomp and circumstance of their convention and instead to have Senator McSame be a showpuppet for their response to Hurricane Gustav.  That's all well and good, but I don't think that McSame will be able to gain any political points with this.  Everyone on the planet will see this for what it really is: theater.  McSame can do nothing to help solve the crisis, he's a US Senator.  The only reason he is there is because he's running for president and he wants to have a nice backdrop for a photo op at an emergency response center.  I'm afraid that the only photo that people on the gulf coast will remember is this one from 2005 as Katrina was barreling down the gulf coast:

George Bush and John McCain holding a birthday cake

The other telling piece of history would be here...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh...

No Arabian horses, just 1,866 American lives, countless homes, and an entire city destroyed...great time to crack a joke, Senator...

But he'll be much better than Bush...

Palin as President
Written by Chet   

'What is it that a exactly that the VP does every day?'" From mayor of a town of 5,000 people to President of the United States of America in 2 years?  With McSame's health history, what lunatic really wants Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be a half a heartbeat away from President of the World's Only Super Power?  Seriously.  Is she the best, most-qualfied person the Republicans can put up?  

No.  Sarah Palin is the Republican Party's 4th and long, 3 seconds on the clock, "Hail Mary" pass to try to resuscitate John McSame's embarassingly out-of-touch political campaign.  Could it work?  Sure.  There are some sheeple out there who lack the intellectual wherewithall to see anything other than Palin's fundamentalist religion (she thinks creationism theory should be mandatory in public schools) and they'll feel that alone qualifies her to be president.  They don't care about Troopergate or her apparently crack-induced decision to take a flight from Texas to Alaska after her water broke.  Less than a year ago.  

See, these people think we're at the "end times."  They don't think it really matters who is running America right now.  They don't think our environmental policy matters because our environment is going to be gone next week when the world ends.  America elected people like this eight years ago.  

If we extend the Bush/Cheney regime another 4 or eight years, we'll get 4 more years of Bush-Cheney policies and we'll get what we deserve.

Road Blog
Written by Chet   

Here's a first: I'm blogging from the road on my cell phone. Adam is driving now because I was sleepy. This blog post is going to be one long paragraph and will probably be littered with typos because I'm too lazy to key in all the code needed and am not going to go back and do a lot of editting. We're passing through Lusk WY right nowl. PARA. Last night was amazing. Adam - as you know - blogged from the press box and I satwith the delegation on the floor. I shot a nomber of video clips using my phone and uploaded 4 or 5 to Utterz, but Utterz apparently isn't set up to work with videos in the format used by my cell phone. I didn't realize they weren't working until I checked my email this morning and saw the rejection notes from utterz. PARA. It's hard to describe the energy at Invesco Field last night. Obama hit the ball out of the park. When he fiished, there were three or four sets of wet eyes within 5 feet of me. I don't think peopl were so moved because of the specific policy proposals Obama set out from the podiun:, I think people were so moved because they felt hope down to the deepest marrow in their bones. The kind of hope you might get if you were trapped on an island for 8 years and saw a ship approaching shore. I think people felt something like that last night. And it's not that anyone KNOWS Obama is that rescue ship:, it's that we ther might b such a ship out there, we know it's certainly not John McSame, and we tthink it might be Barack Obama. PARA.See, Americans love America. We don't like that most people in other countries don't like our leaders. We want our counry to be repected not because ou leader is an old man with a short fuse. We want our country to be repected because we have a visionary leader with compashion, creativity, honesty and resolve. We recognize and appreciate what McSame did before hooking up with his bmillionaire, campaign-financing trophy- wife:, we just don't think his status as a decorated POW gives him a free pass for all his moving-target, tried-un-true policy positions.  The media gave a presidential candidate a free pass 8 years ago and look where it got us.  PARA. More than 30,000 people registered with Obama's campaign yesterday via text message. Over 60,000 people volunteered to do several hours of work in exchange for tickets to last night's convention activities. This election is too important to watch from the sidelines. Get involved. (My thumbs hurt.)

[Editor:  Wrote this Friday and thought I had posted it, but it didn't post.  That's what you get for trying to blog from your phone.]

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