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Where's the Feigned Republican Outrage At Kevin Cramer? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   
Tuesday, 06 August 2013 11:56

WheresKevinSmI don't like starting a blog post with a disclaimer, but I'm going to today.  Here it is: I do not like Town Hall meetings. I generally think they are stupid, pointless and a waste of the presenter's (and everyone else's) time and resources. If you've ever been to a town hall, what you know is that Town Hall meetings in North Dakota are basically an opportunity for two things to happen: (1) the town hall presenter can choreograph a bunch of "friendlies" to show up, praise the presenter, and ask soft-ball questions, and (2) the craziest opponents of the presenter can show up with duct tape across their mouths, stupid signs and lame, meme-filled t-shirts, and protest -- yell -- at the presenter for something the protester clearly doesn't understand.

Keep in mind, I'm being critical of ALL town hall meetings.  Not just ones held (or not held) by Republicans (or Democrats). I've been to Republican town hall meetings, and to Democratic town hall meetings. Every one I've seen has been stupid and pointless.  (Note: I might still go to them, just to watch the fireworks, shoot some photos, and remind myself of why I hate them so much.)

Also keep in mind I do not, in any way, mean for this to suggest I'm against "availability" and "transparency." I'm all for frank, open discussions between office holders and constituents. It's just not my experience that staged, "friendly"- and protester-filledTown Hall meetings are where those discussions happen. If there are opportunities for me to have access to my elected representative, I'm good. Example: Though Earl Pomeroy didn't hold a thousand "town hall meetings" when he was in Congress it wasn't that uncommon for me to run into him in the grocery store. When I had a question for him while he was in Congress, if I didn't feel like calling his office and talking to his staff about it, I could just ask him in the produce aisle. You can't ask for much more than that. (For the record, I've never seen John Hoeven or Kevin Cramer -- both of whom live here in Bismarck -- in a grocery store.)

With that in mind, let's talk about outrage over town hall meetings.

Remember the phony Republican outcry over Earl Pomeroy's alleged lack of scheduled townhall meetings in 2010?  


Well, good news, if you've forgotten; the North Dakota Republican Party still (as of the time this goes to print) has it on their YouTube page (let me know if they take it down; I've pulled it from their page and will just reload it on mine, if they do):

They deleted their entire Youtube page, so I've posted it on mine.

Isn't that cute? They made a little graphic of Earl Pomeroy's face on a "Where's Waldo?" cartoon drawing and made t-shirts.


And do yourself a favor:  Google the words "Where's Earl Pomeroy" (don't use quotation marks).  You'll find four or five garbage-filled blog posts and other crap from teablogging morans on the right, complaining Earl didn't schedule enough opportunities to show up and yell incoherent Rush Limbaugh talking-points at him.

So here's my question:  If the 2010 outrage was real and not a bunch of fake, normal, NDGOP politlcal nonsense, where is the NDGOP's outrage over Kevin Cramer's lack of town hall meetings? Cramer promised to hold 100 town hall meetings every term.  If you think about it, a Congressional term is two years.  There are 52 weeks in a year.  So a two-year term is 104 weeks.  And he promised to hold 100 Town Halls every term.  That's almost one every week, average.  That's a pretty big (not to mention stupid) promise he made.

I did some Google searching looking for info on Town Hall meetings Cramer has held since he was elected. I only found info on one town hall meeting, and it wasn't even held in North Dakota.  It was in Moorhead.   He's about 30 weeks into his final term.  He should have had 29 or 30 Town Hall meetings by now.  How many has he held in North Dakota?


Cramer is several days into his month-long August vacation right now.  If you go to his official congressional website, you know what it says about his "upcoming events"?  It says, "There are currently no posted events."  It lists no "town hall" meetings.  No public appearances.  Here it is:



If he is not going to dishonor his name and his word, Cramer has a lot of catch-up work to do.  He needs to hold a lot of Town Halls, and fast. This month-long vacation he's got would be a great opportunity to do that.  But is he?  No.

You know what he did do though? Yesterday, Cramer had a "veteran's roundtable" in his office in the Federal Building. Know what I know about the Federal Building "roundtable"? No public invitation. No cameras. No cell phones. No questions from constituents. No produce. 

So where is the NDGOP outrage t-shirt?  Where's their Waldo graphic? Where's KFYR's TV crew interviewing the outraged executive director of the Republican Party about Cramer's lack of Town Hall meetings?

It's all crap.

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Gorcery Shopping, Low-rated comment [Show]

Norma Louise Carter said:

Concerning my typing errors
I do my best to scan through my posts to correct typing/spelling errors, and grammatical errors such as subject verb agreement in the view of their singularity and plurality. However, because I type quickly to express my thought, and only have patience for one spell/grammar check, I might not find all of my errors before I add my comment. Because, I do not have the feature to edit my posts to make corrections once I add them, you must just realize that I have made the corrections mentally already, and you should make them mentally as you read, knowing that I have made the corrections, yet not in type. I prefer, as a poster, to have the edit feature available for me to use. However, this site does not have the edit feature for posters of great thankfulness in being allowed to post on this amazing site of great interest to at least me. I will just take this non-editing posting as a discipline to recheck my posts more than once. I am not complaining here. I am just explaining.

August 16, 2013
Votes: -1

Jonesy said:

Not sure whether to laugh or cry after reading Norma's posts.....
August 16, 2013
Votes: -1

Norma Louise Carter said:

Concerning my posts coming up double
I only click on the "Add Comment" tab once, yet my posts are posted twice in most of the cases I post. Please delete one of my double posts when you find them. Chet, I am not against you personally since you are a Democrat. I am not a Democrat nor am I a Republican. I am just me, one of the most wonderful persons on the earth that I ever met in my life. I may not agree with all of your well-written insults, but I do like them just the same. You are very talented in making some good insults. Therefore, do not let any of my disagreements concerning them stop you from making them.

I do not like how "The Journal" treated you. They were not very kind to you when they would not allow you to reprint one of their articles, which you were so kind to praise, yet, I would not place much importance on any article that is printed by "The Journal" or in any paper of this century.

You are a Democrat just like Cecille Krimm and Steve Andrist are. I would think that all the Democrats would love, and support each other in their unity of bringing our country more into a state of the abomination of Sodom and Gormorrah. But I guess I was wrong. There is division of interests in the Democratic Party.

Maybe soon we will see the top man in North Dakota of the Democratic Party, go out on an overly-priced outing with the Republicans.

The point is all of the Democrats and Republicans in public office are accountable to God, and I am under no obligation to support any of them if they are not accountable to God now in their public servanthood. That is, these slaves of ours better pick the cotton right, or they will receive the stripes earned when the hard Master (the Lord Jesus Christ)is set to judge at His seat. How's that for my zealousness unto the Lord, Chet?
August 16, 2013
Votes: -2

Norma Louise Carter said:

I have the answer
Dear Jonesy,

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts. I am glad that they gave you something to do this morning. They have given me something to do that I enjoy doing, that is, making my points.

I have the answer for you dear Jonesy. Laughter is the best medicine. If I were you I would laugh at my posts instead of cry. I hope this advice helps you in your decision making.

Nice to meet you, my friend.

August 16, 2013
Votes: -1

Norma Louise Carter said:

I have the answer
Dear Jonesy,

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts. I am glad that they gave you something to do this morning. They have given me something to do that I enjoy doing, that is, making my points.

I have the answer for you dear Jonesy. Laughter is the best medicine. If I were you I would laugh at my posts instead of cry. I hope this advice helps you in your decision making.

Nice to meet you, my friend.

August 16, 2013
Votes: +0

Norma Louise Carter said:

Wow! This is a Fantastic Site (I can say this sincerely, since I have not been banned yet)..
It would be wise to keep me on this site, because I am a good contrast for all of you people of liberality for those only of your viewpoint. I think my service here is to sharpen your point of view, to allow you to exercise your polemic skills, and please feel free to write all sorts of personal attacks against me...that is, I do not cry, nor am I ever in defeat, since I have a spring in my step, a song in my heart, and I have an excellent strategic mind.

I had some time to check out some of the features of this site, and I like the current news section. I do not watch television, so I am not current ever on the local news, which is state-wide in North Dakota. This site will help me keep current on the local news. I also noticed a "Forum" section. I like forums, especially those that offer some good debates. I like strong opponents, that is, I like to go for the kill polemically speaking without any mercy.

I hope I can find a home here, and I hope you will all like me even though you will all oppose me in the debate, but I like a lot of good enemies, that is, they give to me the golden opportunity to "love my enemies" as my dear, precious Lord commands.

Let me introduce myself, I am the great-granddaughter of over three hundred kings and emperors of world history, and I am cousin to all the members of the royal families extant in Europe numerous times. Charlemagne is my great-grandfather over two hundred times.

I am the twenty-first century great-grandniece of Rev. Samuel Rutherford, the author of the Lex,Rex, and of Scottish Reformation renown. I have a lot of great-grandfathers of the 1600s, who participated in the Westminster Assembly of Long Parliament in London and in Long Parliament in general. I am the great-granddaughter of Gov. and Rev. George Walker, the Defender of Derry, who opposed a Catholic regiment of over twenty thousand (of whom many were foreign mercenaries) during the Siege of Derry, in his support for William of Orange, that Protestant, against that Jacobite, James II, that Catholic, which men were both my royal Stuart cousins.

I am cousin to all the U.S. Presidents excepting the one present, who, as far as I know at this time, is just a mere clone of an ancient, Egyptian pharaoh, which pharaoh happens to look just like him.

I am of the early colonial families of Massachusetts Bay Colony, New Amsterdam, Virgina and North Carolina. My American great-grandfathers were men of great importance and so were my great-uncles and my cousins during the 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s and my cousins to this present day are prominent in world leadership.

My family is of the Daniel Boone family and of the families allied with them in the exploration of America's frontier. Not only was Daniel Boone my cousin-in-law, but William Penn was my great-uncle-in-law. Furthermore, Capt. Joseph Rutherford Walker, the renowned mountain man, who opened up the Sante Fe Trail, and Gen. Samuel Houston, were not only cousins to each other, but both were my Rutherford, and Houston cousins. I am also cousin to the Carter Family, June Carter of the Carter Sisters, John Carter Cash, Merle Haggard, and Tennessee Ernie Ford.

For all of you Democrats, let it be known to all of you, that U.S. President James Earl Carter is my American Carter cousin four times, yet let this news be tempered by the fact that the two Bush presidents are my American cousins twice, and my favorite U.S. President, Richard Milhous Nixon, was my Quaker cousin four times. But let these two latter facts be tempered for your ease by the fact that I am an American cousin to Abraham Lincoln, who was one of my Harrison cousins, who was also cousin with me to Benjamin Harrison, and to William Henry Harrison.

My 1600s great-grandfather, Rev. Thomas Harrison, lived with the Cromwell family, and he was Chaplain to Governor Beverly during the Jamestown settlement, and he was Chaplain to Lord Henry Cromwell, the son of Oliver Cromwell, the Lord Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

I have an illustrious family history, and it all cannot be noted in this brief introduction. If you enjoy history, and how America came into being, it would be in your interest to keep me around just for the sake of furthering your education.

My spiritual name is Berean Steward, and I post by that name by permission of FB officials on FB daily as I work on my family history. If you are a clean, lawful citizen, who has a suitable profile photo of yourself that will not be an embarrassment to me in front of my royal, and learned FB friends, you are welcome to be my FB friend.

Send to me a FB request, and I will review your Wall, and I will make recommendations for your profile photo if needed. That is, if you are a man, it is best to present yourself to the public with the attire of a suit and a tie, or at least western wear and a cowboy hat. If you are a woman, please present yourself modestly. That is, no low-neck lines, or short dresses. Modesty is always the best policy. You may also choose an inanimate object such as a scene, a flower, a jewel, a crown, or an animate object such as a photo of your dog.

I have lived in North Dakota for eleven-years. I am a graduate of Xavier University, which is a Jesuit University. I have studied seven languages and I can teach any Indo-European language up to the first- year college level, and some maybe to the second-year level at this time. History, and political science courses were always easy A-grade courses for me. I excelled in physics, chemistry and biology.

I think what I need to do is become a registered member of this site to enjoy its full benefits. If you have any questions, please ask.

Thank you for your acceptance,

Norma Louise Carter

August 16, 2013
Votes: -1

random said:

Cuckoo! Cuckoo!!
August 16, 2013
Votes: +1

Norma Louise Carter said:

The Little Cuckoo Bird
Dearest Random,

It is nice to meet a Cuckoo bird. I am happy to meet a dear feather friend. However, I do not know the Cuckoo language. When you as a Cuckoo bird, tweet "Cuckoo! Cuckoo!", what is the translation of it carried into the English language?

If you are not a Cuckoo bird, but a mere brutish typical North Dakotan soaked to the bone in that malt of the brewery stew, who has been inspired by that toxin to speak forth as a bird, would it not be better for you to post when you are sober, and then, when you are, post something of intelligent interest to benefit all of us? I think it would be nice if you could compose yourself to speak more words in statements than to lower yourself into a fowl.
August 16, 2013
Votes: -2

John Petrik said:

you are right- Earl was available. I ran into him at the DQ, at high school football (his daughter was a cheerleader) , at the kennel picking up our dogs. I expect, if you live in the fringe evangelical home school crowd, that Kevi Cramer is out and about as well.
August 21, 2013
Votes: +1

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