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Statewide Flooding Open Thread PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   
Tuesday, 24 March 2009 11:23
Click on these links for Part I (Tuesday), Part II (Wednesday), Part III (Thursday), Part IV (Friday), Part V (Saturday), Part VI (Sunday), Part VII (Monday) and Part VIII (Tuesday).

I'm not sure what we can do here to help people around the state, but if anybody has anything to report or needs help or shelter or wants to volunteer, please use the comments to speak your mind.

As I type this, there's a blizzard going on out there (in Bismarck).  There are two ice jams on the Missouri near Bis/Man; one north of town, one south.  They're flying in explosives experts to try to deal with the ice jams.  Parts of Bismarck -- Southport and [oops] Fox Island have been evacuated.  The folks at the City are recommending that anybody who lives south of the Bismarck Expressway and West of Washington Street might want to move valuables out of their basement, and put a row or two of sandbags around their houses.  Water is backing up into the south part of town because of the south ice jam.  The powers-that-be are worried the north ice jam might break and send a bunch more water down to get further backed up by the south jam.  It's nasty.

People are sandbagging like crazy in Fargo. The universities were closed (right?).  People were using Facebook, among other things, to invite people to "sandbagging events."  People are driving in to Fargo from all over to help with their sandbagging efforts.

They've started distributing sandbags in Bismarck and Mandan.  Mandan is experiencing some flooding in low-lying areas.  Here's a photo from Mandan:


Part of Linton is flooded.  Washburn is recommending that people boil their water.  Part of Mott is flooding.  Part of Beulah has some water trouble.  A bunch of rural courthouses were closed today, as were quite a few schools.  After school programs closed early today.  Lake Tschida is very near record water levels.  It's just crazy out there.  

Please, share your stories...  Send me your photos...

I've been adding to the list of news updates all evening.  I'm going to put a link to Flood Information right here -- KXMB -- because it has a lot of useful information, contact numbers, evacuation information, etc.

Flood-Related News -- Updates -- Information

1.  USA Today -- Evacuation ordered near Missouri River in Bismarck (photos and video )

2.  Fargo Forum -- 'We will beat this challenge,' flood battle continues as officials plead for help

3.  Bismarck Tribune -- Fox Island, Southport told to evacuate by 3 p.m.  (photos and video ) (more photos )

4.  Bismarck Tribune -- Missouri at critical level; evacuations urged

5.  Fargo Forum -- FLOOD UPDATE: Parts of interstates closed due to water over roads

6.  Dickinson Press -- Absolutely no travel in Dickinson

7.  Minot Daily News -- The Wait For The Water

8.  Valley City Times Record -- Officials update public on flood fight

9.  Williston Herald -- Cherry Creek cuts loose through Watford City

10.  Williston Herald -- Midwest flooding fears turn to Bismarck

11.  Williston Herald --  ND officials consider blowing up Mo River ice jam

12.  Kansas City Star -- Volunteers leaving today to help North Dakota flood victims

13.  DVIDS.com -- 800 Guardsmen on Duty to Fight Flood in Eastern North Dakota

14.  Grand Forks Herald -- Bismarck Prison Evacuated [editor:  misleading title; it's actually the MRCC "state farm" that was evacuated.]

15.  US News and World Report -- N.D. and Minn. Students Drive Hours to Aid in Flood Efforts

16.  The Catholic Spirit --  As floodwaters rise, Fargo bishop asks Catholics to pray, help one another

17.  PETA -- Group Warns Against Leaving Animals Behind to Fend for Themselves During Evacuation

18.  Fargo Forum -- Breckenridge, Wahpeton breathe sigh of relief

19.  KFYR TV --  ND Legislature May Recess Because of Flooding

20.  Williston Herald (AP) -- More than a foot of snow hits southwestern ND

21.  Williston Herald (AP) -- ND Legislature may recess because of flooding

22.  Air Mobility Command -- Warriors of the North dedicate time, energy to flood preparations

23.  KXMC -- Flooding Halts Amtrak Service

23.  KXMC --  Red River Continues Rise - Fargo Braces

24.  KXMC -- Mandatory Evacuations in Bismarck

25.  Associated Press (YouTube video)

26.  KXNet -- Flood Reaction

27.  KXNet -- Comparing the Disasters

28.  KARE 11 -- Flood Central 

28.  Minneapolis Star Tribune -- Editorial: Volunteer to Fight Red River Flooding

29.  WREX (Rockford, IL) -- Local Red Cross Worker Helping in Fargo

30.  MN Public Radio (with video) -- The Young People's Flood

31.  St. Cloud Times --  5 buses of Central Minnesota volunteers will head to Fargo

32.  MN Public Radio (with audio) -- Protecting neighborhoods from their first Red River flood

33.  PR Newswire --  Red Cross Moving Supplies and Volunteers as Fargo Races Against Floodwaters

34.  Google (AFP) --  North Dakota braces for record floods

35.  Gazette Online (Cedar Rapids, IA) -- More Volunteers Headed to Help With Flooding In North Dakota

36.  Army.mil --  Corps of Engineers helps states in predicted flood area

37.  DailyGlobe.com (Worthington, MN) -- West central Minnesota volunteers answer call to fight Red River flood

38.  KWCH.com -- Wichita Red Cross Volunteers Head to Fargo Flood

39.  Grand Forks Herald -- Minto Makes Over With Sandbags

40.  MN Daily --  Students head north to help with flood

41.  Minneapolis Star Tribune --  Geology set the Red River on a course for flooding

42.  Grand Forks Herald -- Grafton Sends Out Emergency Call For Sandbaggers

43.  Minneapolis Star Tribune -- 'You've been through it so many times and you can only do so much.'

44.  Grand Forks Herald -- Fargo officials call for another massive sandbagging effort

45.  KXMB -- Bismarck Burleigh Flood Information Update  (LOTS OF USEFUL INFORMATION HERE)

46.  Grand Forks Herald -- N.D. Receives Disaster Declaration

47.  KXNet -- Beulah Flooding

48.  Boston Herald (AP) -- Rising North Dakota Rivers Lead To Evacuations

Click on these links for Part I (Tuesday), Part II (Wednesday), Part III (Thursday), Part IV (Friday), Part V (Saturday), Part VI (Sunday), Part VII (Monday) and Part VIII (Tuesday).


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Stranded in Central NoDak said:

County Township Roads
In addition to all the other impacts of the current river flooding and overland flooding is the total wash-out and destruction of so many county township roads. County after county in southeastern NoDak has advised zero travel due to water over roadways, washed out county roads and of course, the interstate is closed in several places as well. Many of the schools here have announced, no rural busing until further notice. With so much of the publicized flood fight going on in Fargo - and rightfully so - it is up to these small towns like Lisbon, Enderlin, Fort Ransom etc to do their best and with few roadways passable to get items like pumps, sandbags, trucks and clay. The next two weeks is going to be a battle and this snow/rain to the north is going to aggravate the situation in the southeast.
March 25, 2009
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