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Rick Berg's Ad Showcases Staffer's Husband PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   
Thursday, 15 March 2012 06:00

Remember how Rick Berg couldn't find any supporters to appear on his illegal campaign mailers, so he used stock photo models from out-of-state? Well... this might be worse. Now he's using the spouses of his staffers in his commercials.

I'm trying to imagine the congressional staff meeting in Rick Berg's Fargo office:

Berg:  "Okay. We need some 'supporters' for our next commercial. Who knows someone who supports me who'd be willing to say so publicly?"

Room:  (silence) "Cricket.  Cricket.  Cricket.  Cricket."

Berg:  "I'm serious, people. I need bodies for this commercial.  Who knows somebody.  Who has a friend?"

Room:  "Cricket.  Cricket.  Cricket."

Berg:  (shouting) "Dammit, I need people for this commercial. If someone doesnt' give me a name, I'm going to start firing people.  Mary!  Who do you know!?!?"

Mary Christy ("constituent services director" at p. 273):  "Um. Mr. Congressman. I don't know."

Berg:  (louder)  "THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!  I need one goddamned name right now."

Mary Christy:  "Um.  I could ask my husband, I guess."

Berg:  "Perfect!!!  We have a volunteer. What's our volunteer's name?"

Mary Christy:  "Well, it's Josh Christy, sir. But I'll have to ask him."

Berg:  "Forget about it. It's done. Who else has a volunteer for me? ... ."

Here's the staffer's husband.


He appears (twice) in Berg's "North Dakota Way" commercial; at :03 to :05 (saying "Someone who knows the North Dakota way"), and then again at 22 to :23 (saying "That's Rick Berg.").  


Must be tough times for Berg when he has to use models from stock photos websites for his print pieces and make his staffers' spouses appear as supporters for his TV commercials because he can't find anybody else to appear in his ads.

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