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Obama's ND Reservation Visit: North Dakota Context PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 14:07

GovLtGovSmIf I were a newspaper reporter, I would call the Governor's Office today.  i would get anybody on the phone that would talk to me. I would talk to the Governor or Lt. Governor. I'd talk to a press person or a scheduler. I'd talk to a chief of staff, an intern, a window washer or a dog walker.  My question would be this:

Has Jack Dalrymple or Drew Wrigley ever been to the Standing Rock reservation, ever?  

If the person I had on the phone didn't know, I'd ask for someone who might.  I'd sit on hold for an hour or six hours. Because it is my job to inform the public. And this is kind of important. I'd want do whatever I had to do to get an answer to that question.

Standing Rock makes up most or all of Sioux County, North Dakota. Sioux County is -- perhaps obviously -- part of North Dakota. Jack Dalrymple was a state senator for maybe fourteen (14) years.  He ran two unsuccessful U.S. Senate campaigns (in 1988 and 1992), asking to represent the entire state in Washington. Then he was Lieutenant Governor for ten (10) years.  He has now been Governor for nearly four years.  

Drew Wrigley was North Dakota's U.S. Attorney for about eight (8) years and has been Lt. Governor for four.  One of his most important jobs while U.S. Attorney is (or should have been) enforcing federal laws on all of North Dakota's reservations.  (More on that, here.)  As Lt. Governor, it should also be Wrigley's job to represent the entire state, including Sioux County; including all residents of Sioux County. Though it might surprise Wrigley and Dalrymple, that includes native and non-native people. 

During their combined thirty-six (36) years of public service, has either one of them EVER been to Sioux County (i.e. Standing Rock)?  

If so, did they ever go anywhere other than directly to and directly from Prairie Knights Casino? 

I'd bet they haven't.  I'd bet that, if they have, it was only to go drop a few quarters into the slot machines at Prairie Knights and maybe get a bite to eat.

Now that the President of the United States is traveling from Washington, D.C., to Standing Rock to meet with tribal officials and others, Don't you think it would give the People of North Dakota some important context to know how much time the state's elected leaders have spent in the Standing Rock Nation? I think it would be helpful to know whether our Governor and Lt. Governor have ever bothered to set foot on Standing Rock. 

Is it crazy of me to think that?

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justawriter said:

Or dey cood do dat Google ting, dere ya' know
First page of Google results for "Dalrymple Standing Rock" produced this:
Love that you hold their feet to the fire, but this was a swing and a miss.
June 11, 2014
Votes: +1

Chet said:

Wait, wait, wait
Two things: (1) You're saying he went somewhere (the casino?) for a few minutes once in 24 years, and that's good enough? and (2) What about Wrigley? US attorney for 8 years. Ever been there?

If he was at the casino for 20 minutes, it's absolutely still a valid question.
June 11, 2014
Votes: -2

justawriter said:

Actually if you check the date Fort Yates was fighting a flooding Missouri River and was seeking help building dikes at Fort Yates. I think Bismarck had some water problems about that time as well. I believe Fort Yates did receive the assistance of the ND National Guard. I know Betsy Dalrymple has included both Standing Rock and Fort Berthold on her work to encourage reading, visiting elementary schools to read to students. There are plenty of real issues to rip Wack Jack about. Anything our side is super scrutinized by the subsidized right wing noise machine and I don't want to see them getting any softballs to swing at.
June 11, 2014
Votes: +0

Jason said:

June 30, 2014
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