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North Dakota Flood News and Info Aggregator Part 4 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Staff   
Friday, 27 March 2009 00:21

This is part IV of the North Dakota flood news aggregator.  Click on these links for Part I (Tuesday), Part II (Wednesday), Part III (Thursday), Part IV (Friday), Part V (Saturday), Part VI (Sunday), Part VII (Monday) and Part VIII (Tuesday).  There are lots of photos and video on Parts I, II, III, V and VI.  I'm going to see if I can have the NEWEST ENTRIES AT THE TOP.

Cass County Flood Info Center, click here  *  City of Fargo Flood Info, click here 

Support the Fargo Red Cross

152.  Associated Press -- Red River crest in Fargo now expected for Sunday

151.  PostBulletin -- Flood fight intensifies as Red crest nears (video)

150.  DL-Online -- MnDOT advises no travel in Fargo-Moorhead area

149.  Grand Forks Herald -- Area river levels as of 9 p.m. Friday

148.  Grand Forks Herald -- Fargo city administrator keeps his cool under pressure

147.  Minneapolis Star Tribune -- Red River flooding: "We're just holding our breath."

146.  Washington Post -- Thousands flee Fargo as flood waters  Surge in N.D. (with video)

145.  Minneapolis Star Tribune -- It was high time to head to higher ground

144.  Minneapolis Star Tribune -- How you can help

143.  KEYC (Mankato, MN) -- Coast Guard makes rescues from flood waters

142.  Fox11 (Wisconsin) -- Red River Floods

141.  MN Daily -- Fargo polishes flood preparation, waits for crest

140.  Minneapolis Star Tribune -- Sodden Fargo-Moorhead evacuees have places to rest

139.  Land Line Magazine -- North Dakota, Minnesota suspend rules for truckers providing relief efforts

138.  Fargo Forum -- Fargo police announce reopening of roads

137.  Fargo Forum -- It's time to build a permanent dike

136.  Fargo Forum -- Deep admiration for flood fighters

135.  West Fargo Pioneer -- Rose Creek area prepares to evacuate

134.  St Cloud Times -- Homeland Security ready to help 30,000 flood evacuees

133.  KSJBam -- False Alarm Rattles Region [This story relates to the inaccurate information contained in an Emergency Announcement broadcast around the Fargo area in which it was suggested that there had been a call for a voluntary evacuation of Fargo.  Various media outlets are calling for an investigation.]

132.  Fargo Forum -- 58 teams patrolling dikes every two hours

131.  Fargo Forum -- Napolitano: If worst happens, help is on the way

130.  SurvivingTimes.com -- North Dakota: Floodwaters may cause thousands to flee homes, volunteers continue to enforce dikes

129.  UND -- Flood News

128.   InfoRadio -- Why Fargo, North Dakota is importan [?]

127.  Pensito Review -- It's like Katrina Except with White People

126.  EarthTimes.com -- Medica offers assistance to individuals/communities impacted by flood, makes contingency plans for Fargo hospitals and providers

125.  Fargo Forum -- Walaker gets phone call from Obama

124.  Minnesota Independent -- Homeland Security Secretary says feds are prepared for Red River flooding

123.  White House Press Briefing -- 

[L]et me give you just a quick rundown on the situation in North Dakota and in Minnesota.  The White House is actively monitoring the impacts of the flooding in North Dakota and Minnesota.  As you know, the President approved a major disaster declaration for the state of North Dakota on March 24th, and last night the President approved an emergency declaration for the state of Minnesota.

On the ground, the federal government continues to actively coordinate with state and local governments in both states to address the ongoing flood fight.  This effort has been underway since late last week.  FEMA, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Coast Guard, the National Guard, and other federal agencies, as well as the American Red Cross, have been -- continue the actively work with these officials to ensure their needs are being met.

Federal support is being provided up and down the Red River.  Nancy Ward, the Acting FEMA Administrator, is on the ground currently in Fargo, and directly talking with federal, state and local officials to ensure that federal assistance is provided to support the response to the flooding.  The President this morning talked with Governor Hoeven, Governor Pawlenty, and Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker today to discuss his concern for the residents of North Dakota and Minnesota, and to ensure that the states are getting the federal assistance they need to supplement any state and local efforts.  Secretary Napolitano has been in contact with state and local officials to express her support, and she also briefed the President this morning on the latest developments.

This is important -- we cannot reinforce enough the importance for residents in both states remain vigilant in monitoring the reports of flood crests and to follow the instructions from their state and local leaders in the event that evacuations in their local areas become necessary.

And again, the President continues to be impressed with ongoing efforts of thousands of volunteers as they continue to work to protect their community.

Press Release (TalkingPointsMemo has a transcript of the entire press conference.  Click here.)

122.  Jamestown Sun -- Top job in Fargo:  Dike patrol

121.  Dickinson Press -- Interstate detours in place around Fargo

120.  TEEX.com -- TX-TF1 personnel requested by FEMA to aid in North Dakota flooding

119.  Catholic News Service -- Community reaches out in full force in response to flood, priest says

118.  Fargo Forum -- Forum newspaper offering everyone free electronic replica in light of subscribers who've been evacuated

117.  Fargo Forum -- Red's rise slows considerably after breaking record

116.  MyFoxTwinCities.com -- Hennepin County Sheriffs to flood zone

115.  Radio Iowa -- More Iowa Red Cross volunteers heading to Fargo

114.  Dickinson Press -- ND Gov waives "blue law" for flood supplies

113.  Fargo Forum -- House fire reported in flooded Oakport Township

112.  KSTP -- The flooding worsens at Fargo

111.  Fargo Forum -- FLOOD UPDATE:  Forum creates social networking site for those affected by flood [... but story doesn't tell you where to find it.  I'll post a link as soon as I find it.]

110.  Fargo Forum -- FLOOD UPDATE:  crest forecast remains 41 to 42 feet Saturday, with 43 feet possible

109.  TwinCities.com -- Flood news via social media

108.   CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS IN BISMARCK/MANDAN -- Volunteer Need: the U of Mary is preparing for 750 of Fargo's non-ambulatory nursing-home residents to be brought to the Field house at U of Mary. They would like volunteers ASAP to help with set up of the cots and resources. Especially health care workers, but not only those. Meet at the coffee shop/food center, "Chick's Place" in the Athletic Center. Between the Athletic Center and the Science Center. Pass on!

107.   LA Times -- Fargo makes a last push before flood crests

106.  Editor & Publisher -- Fargo Paper Goes 24 Hours on Web to Cover Flooding

105.  Press conference call with Secretary Janet Napolitano.  Napolitano says number one priority in the event of any possible evacuation should be your personal safety.  She also noted you should have an evacuation plan, with a plan for where and when you will reunite with your family.  She also noted that President Obama is not currently anticipating coming to North Dakota or Minnesota.  She said it would divert too many resources that are needed for the flood fight effort.  She also noted the President is watching the situation very closely.  She has briefed him once on the matter today, and will do so again.  I've got other notes from the call.  I just need to figure out whether any of it's worth posting on.  I'm sure some of the other media types will be writing about it soon enough.

104.  They sent me the sign in information for a 3:00 p.m. (CDT) conference call with Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, so I'm signed in for that right now, waiting for it to start.  Maybe they'll let me ask a question.  If you have a suggested question, post it in the comments.  But hurry. 

103.  Williston Herald (AP) -- Evacuated elderly Fargoans arrive in Bismarck  [Note:  I'm being told that "The Salvation Army person said they expect at least 1000 at the Civic Center. Once the Fargo folks arrive, the Salvation Army will serve food 24 hours per day and will need help doing so."]

102.  Williston Herald (AP) -- Eastbound I-94 closed from Jamestown to Fargo

101.   KFGO -- Live audio stream of Joel Heitkamp's radio show in Fargo, including various flood related press conferences, LIVE

100.   KMEG14.com (Pierre, SD) -- SD provides Fargo flood aid

99.  ArgusLeader -- More S.D. National Guard soldiers being sent to Fargo

98.  CBS (Youtube) -- Fargo flood forces evacuation

97.  Bloomberg -- Fargo flood waters break record, spur evacuations (Update1)

96.   KXMB.com -- One-third of Moorhead, Minn., asked to evacuate

95.   KXMB.com -- U-Mary [in Bismarck] to be taking care of 200 Fargo flood evacuees

94.   AccuWeather -- Dangerous, unusual problems in Dakotas flooding

93.   PRNewswire -- Red Cross redies shelters as flood waters threaten to top levees

92.   Jamestown Sun -- FEMA acting director in N.D. today to visit communities impacted by flooding

91.  Civil Air Patrol Aerial Pictures updated today (I couldn't get these to download.  I'm guessing someone is in the middle of uploading them as I post this.)

 Fargo -- 2009-03-27

 Missouri River -- Mar 27

 Missouri River -- 27 Mar 09

 Heart River -- 27 Mar 09

90.  Boston.com --  Red River Flooding (great photos)

89.  Grand Forks Herald -- National Weather Service:  52 feet still likely in GF

88.  ARRL.org -- North Dakota Hams help to head off river flooding

87.  CattleNetwork -- NDSUcan help you cope with flooding

86.  Dakota Voice -- Christian relief groups mobilize for North Dakota flooding

85.  NPICenter.com -- Nourish America requests donations to support North Dakota flood disaster victims and workers

84.  Williston Herald (AP) -- White House says it's monitoring flooding

83.  Fargo Forum -- Some South Fargo residents urged to leave by 2 p.m. today; residents still fighting

82.  Fargo Forum -- EVACUATION NOTICE:  Mandatory evacuation issued for several Cass County neighborhoods

81.   Duluth News Tribune -- Fight or flight: Cities direct evacuations

80.  CNN --iReporter moves into evacuation mode  (View what all the iReporters are up to by clicking here )

79.  Susie b. Photography -- Heroes among us

78.  The Heroine's Domaine -- Fargo Flood '09

77.  Unconventional Marketing

76.  The Christian Post -- Christian NGOs send teams to N. Dakota for flood relief

75.  CNN -- Commentary:  Fargo's faith cannot be destroyed

74.  Reuters -- Big global wheat supplies to buffer U.S. flood threat

73.  Gawker -- Some Noah's Ark Shit Is About to Go Down in Fargo

72.  MNDaily -- Flood updates

71.  Fargo Forum -- FLOOD UPDATE:  Fargo, Moorhead schools closed next week, other districts likely to follow suit

70.  Grand Forks Herald -- Bridge over the Red in Oslo remains open

69.  Mormon Times -- LDS among N.Dakota volunteers

68.  Grand Forks Herald -- Fargo-Moorhead holds its breath

67.  CNN -- Honore:  Sandbags won't save your life

66.  KFYR-TV -- Corps Again Releasing Water From Dam

65.  " target="_blank" title="Youtube">CoastGuardNews (YouTube) -- The Coast Guard is uploading videos of rescues of people in the Fargo/Moorhead area 

64.  Voice of America News -- North Dakota residents flee record flooding

63.  Williston Herald (AP) -- Bismarck mayor says river still dropping

62.  Williston Herald (AP) -- ND Fargo agencies closing for most workers

61.  Pentagon TV (YouTube)

60.  KDBC (El Paso, TX) -- Red River flooding update

59.  Macon.com -- Northwest planes to help evacuate Fargo residents

58.  KXMC -- St. Alexius Medical Center takes Fargo patients escaping flooding

57.  MSNBC -- "The Last Stand" against rising floodwaters

56.  AccuWeather (9:47 a.m.) -- Fierce cold, new blizzard threaten flooded areas

55.  Associated Press --  River reaches record high in Fargo, region braces

54.  Williston Herald (AP) -- Moorhead university students told to leave campus

53.  THOnline (AP) -- Estimate: Flood could crest 2 feet higher than sandbags (with audio)

52.  KXMC -- ND Guard - Fact Sheet - Flooding Operations 2009

51.  KXMC -- Grand Forks Base is flood fight staging area

50.  KXMC -- Morton-Mandan Flood Situation Update

49.  KXMC -- Dept. of Human Services Flood Response Efforts

48.  Duluth News Tribune -- Flood-threatened Fargo beefs up National Guard presence as Red River rises to 112-year high

47.  Consumer Reports Blog -- North Dakota floods underline need for insurance

46.  KXNet (AP) -- CNN Journalist, others arrested on Fargo dikes

45.  KFGO --2009 flood photos mantage

44.  YouTube -- from "y2kjohnson" -- 9:00 a.m., today -- "Backyard flood report 3/27/09. Current River level 40.5 feet. Previous all time record 40.2 in 1897. Predicted crestst [sic] is now 41.5 feet sometime tomorrow. Remaining height on our dike about 2 feet. Temps in the low 20s have slowed the rise of the river. Furniture was relocated from our basement yesterday."

43.  Picasaweb -- Photos of sandbagging operation at the FargoDome

42.  KFGO video on YouTube -- " target="_blank" title="1">Part 1, " target="_blank" title="KFGO">Part 2, " target="_blank" title="3">Part 3, " target="_blank" title="4">Part 4

41.  Civil Air Patrol Aerial Photographs From Fargo on Thursday CLICK HERE

40.  Bloomberg -- Fargo floods break 112-year-old record as residents evacuate

39.  MN Public Radio -- Evacuations continue as Red River tops historic marker

38.  ABC News -- Leaking levees prompt overnight evacuations (with video)

37.  Army National Guard -- Time critical in North Dakota Guard's battle against flooding

36.  DL-Online -- Fargo mayor pleads for retail businesses to close

35.  Associated Press -- 800 more Guard troops called up for Fargo flood

34.  Grand Forks Herald -- Unprecedented upstream Red River flows have forecasters scratching heads

33.  Fargo Forum -- LATEST NEWS:  Fargo rolls into defense mode as non-essential business, travel discouraged

32.  Williston Herald (AP) -- Reaction to North Dakota flooding has roots in '97

31.  Williston Herald (AP) -- Fargo beefs up N. Guard presence as river rises

30.  MyFoxTwinCities -- Raw Video:  Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker (looks like he could use some rest)

29.  YouTube -- Some guy in Fargo

28.  YouTube/NBC -- Video (from NBC News last night)

27.  National Post (Canada) -- North Dakota residents ordered to flee homes

26.  USA Today Blog -- Leak in dike in Fargo prompts evacuations

25.  KCTV (Kansas City) -- Dozens Leave ND Homes As Levee Leaks (with video)

24.  UpNorthLive -- Coast Guard air crew rescues flood victims

23.  West Fargo Pioneer -- LATEST NEWS:  Evacuation ordered for homes east of Fargo's Fourth Street South due to significant leak

22.  Minneapolis Star Tribune -- Red River Rising Into History (with video)

21.  Army.mi l -- North Dakota National Guard Soldiers, Army work side-by-side with civilians to save Fargo

20.  Perham EB -- American Red Cross Disaster Relief Efforts in ND & MN

19.  Jamestown Sun -- Corps begins dike work here to prepare for possible high releases

18.  Jamestown Sun -- Precipitation higher than in '97

17.  NY Times -- Fargo neighborhood evacuated as water rises

16.  KTTC (Rochester, MN) -- Sandbagging Continues in Fargo AND Leak in Dike prompts immediate evacuation in Fargo

15.  Associated Press -- Red River tops historic marker, undermines dike

14.  UPI.com -- Vulnerable areas along Red River evacuated

13.  MyFoxTwinCities -- Leak in Levee, South Fargo Evacuated (with video)

12.  Christian Broadcast Network -- Fargo Residents Race Against Rising Water

11.  Associated Press

10.  Military.com -- Guard Fights Storm Battles in 5 States

9.  PostChronicle -- Factbox:  U.S. Red River Valley braces for floods

8.  Google (AP) -- Flood-weary Red River Valley has survival tricks

7.  Grand Forks Herald -- Evacuation ordered for homes east of Fargo's Fourth Street South due to significant leak

6.  The Sun Times (AP) -- Fargo prepares for the worst

5.   Sky News -- Flood Alert for North Dakota resident

4.  The Intelligencer -- North Dakota officials hope dikes will hold

3.  efluxMedia -- North Dakota residents sandbag against record flooding

2.  Fargo Forum -- ND residents may be eligible for federal aid.

1.  Fargo Forum -- The Fargo Forum asks the question, "Where's our Pulitzer?!?"

Click on these links for Part I (Tuesday), Part II (Wednesday), Part III (Thursday), Part IV (Friday), Part V (Saturday), Part VI (Sunday), Part VII (Monday) and Part VIII (Tuesday).

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I would like to say . I love your blog great Post.keep it p.
April 02, 2009 | url
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iwofndadvocates.com/blog said:

Chet, your updates on the flooding and events around it are just outstanding. Nowhere else have I found so much info on the flooding, the volunteers, and the people who have come from all over to help with fighting the flood? The best part is no one was seriously injured, or killed due to their efforts.

The upsetting side of this is all the families that have lost personal belongings that were important to them, and the damage many houses have sustained. The down side to this is the fact that the cost to protect the Fargo side of the river is estimated in the hundreds of millions (I believe around 600 million dollars), yet our Governor Hoeven has only set aside 70 plus million dollars for improvements. Personally, with the state reserves well over one billion dollars and the state receiving 630 million dollars in stimulus money I think more could be allocated for this project. Then again, Hoeven does not live in Fargo, right??
April 02, 2009 | url
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