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North Dakota Flood News and Info Aggregator PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   
Wednesday, 25 March 2009 00:48
Road Crew on South Washington builds a dyke across the road near Solheim School

Click on these links for Part I (Tuesday), Part II (Wednesday), Part III (Thursday), Part IV (Friday), Part V (Saturday), Part VI (Sunday), Part VII (Monday) and Part VIII (Tuesday).

1.  Bismarck.org -- Official "City of Bismarck" Website with information, call for volunteers, etc.

2.  Bismarck/Burleigh is urgently requesting sandbagging volunteers at the Bismarck Civic Center. Volunteers should be at least 14 years old, wear work clothes and gloves, and bring a shovel and a water bottle.  (From KFYRTV.com.)  Park in the south parking lot.  I think they said (on public radio) to enter in the Southeast entrance (entrance E-52), closest to Denny's.

3.  KXNet.com -- North Dakota School Cancellation Announcements and Community Announcements

4.  NDPR -- Fargo Teens Join The Flood Fight

5.  CNN -- River Threatens historic flooding in North Dakota

6.  Fargo Forum -- McFeely:  Students save day one bag at a time

7.  Google (AP) -- In race against river, Fargo pulls together

8.  Minneapolis Star Tribune -- Red River Valley:  Snow adds to the pain

9.  Google (AP) -- Ice jams make flooding worse around Bismarck

10.  WZZM13.com (Grand Rapids, MI) -- Local volunteers help flood victims in North Dakota

11.  DaveArntson.com (Photojournalist) -- Lots of great photos of the Fargo flood and sandbagging efforts

12.  KXNet.com -- Bismarck Officials ask for sandbagging help (with hotline phone number 701-355-1579)

13.  MyFox9.com (Twin Cities, MN) -- Red River at 34 feet, Volunteers head north

14.  The ice jam north of Bismarck just broke.  Hold on tight.  The development north of Bismarck near Papa's Pumpkin Patch has just been evacuated.  Kirkwood Mall is closed.  Flash flood WARNING for south Bismarck

[I should note that callers are calling in to KFYR 550AM and saying the north ice jam is still in place. No need to panic?] 
Now 10:36 am they are now confirming that the ice jam has not broken north of Bismarck.

15.  They're reporting that police are going door to door in the "German street names" neighborhood in southwest Bismarck, telling people to be prepared to leave their homes.  


16.  Low lying areas in Mandan are dealing with a mandatory evacuation.

The Morton County Office of Emergency Management and the City of Mandan have issued a mandatory evacuation notice for residents in the Missouri River area south of the MDU Heskett Plant and east of 40th Avenue SE. Areas at risk include the Riverbend, Captain’s Landing, Bridgeview Bay, Marina Bay, Borden Harbor, Lakewood and 40th Avenue residential areas.


(This evacuation is now voluntary -- CityOfMandan.com )



Eastbound Lanes of Memorial Highway Closing on West End

Eastbound lanes on the west end of Memorial Highway (the Strip) are being closed in order to enclose an earthen dike system for the Heart River.  This is near the intersection of Memorial Highway, Main Street and Mandan Avenue south of Burger King.

This action is being taken per an agreement between the North Dakota Department of Transportation, the City of Mandan and Lower Heart River Water Management officials.

Traffic should detour to Main Street in Mandan or Interstate 94. Memorial Bridge remains open.

City of Mandan

17.  Reports of the ice jam on the Missouri River north of Bismarck breaking have been grossly exaggerated (apparently).

18.  Google (AP) -- Ice jam break spills more water into Bismarck area

19.  Grand Forks Herald (AP) -- Flooding forces ND Legislature to recess

20.  National Post (Canada) -- North Dakota flooding declared a disaster

21.  FreeTV.org (Bismarck/Mandan Community Access TV) -- watch the live meeting with Bismarck's Mayor and law enforcement people by clicking on the "On Air" graphic.  [It's over now.]

22.  KTIV (AP) -- ND officials say lice jam intact, though leaking

23.  Williston Herald (AP) --  ND officials say ice jam intact, though leaking -- (Longer version)

24.  Willston Herald (AP) -- Heavy snow shuts down part of Eastern ND

25.  Williston Herald (AP) -- Coast Guard evacuating homes in Oxbow, near Fargo

26.  Google (AP) -- Blizzard dumps snow on flooded North Dakota

27.  KodakGallery.com -- Photos of Lake Tschida from Monday of this week (and the water has gone up since then).  Photo #38 depicts the trailer at Northshore Marina.  

28.  Scientific American -- Obama cites North Dakota floods in call for climate change action

29.  Minneapolis Star Tribune -- Flooding woes ebb and flow (renamed "Heavy snow hobbles flood fighters")

30.  Times of the Internet -- Fargo digs in against rising river

31.  Fargo Forum -- Bismarc officials ask for sandbagging help

32.  WGRZ.com (Buffalo, NY) -- Midwest Braces for Severe Flooding

33.  Williston Herald -- Grafton fights Park River

34.  KARE11.com (Minneapolis - St. Paul) -- Residential dike breech forces rescues near Fargo

35.  KQCD.com (Dickinson, ND) -- This is a link to all the NBC affiliate "Sky Spy Photos."  They are photos submitted by people all over the Western North Dakota area (i.e. Bismarck, Dickinson, Minot, etc.) recently.  This must be a very popular website.  It's a horribly slow download.  KFYR, etc., need to upgrade their server.

36.  Fargo Forum -- Flood Update:  Fargo makes final push to protect city; officials still asking for volunteers

37.  MSNBC (from yesterday) -- Fargo welcomes lower flood forecast upriver

38.  KFYR -- 1806 temporarily closing...

Highway 1806 Closing for Blast of Ice Jam & Other Flood Updates

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department and Mandan Police Department have been informed by the N.D. Department of Emergency Services that they need to close Highway 1806 from 19th Street south to County Road 138 immediately so that experts can blast the ice jam.  
Residents in the area of the blast are being notified of the blast via the reverse 911 system. 
The blast is expected to occur between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.  
Residents south of 19th Street and north of County Road 138 should stay away from exterior windows and move to interior locations should shock waves occur from the blast. 
More than one blast may be required depending upon results of the first attempt. 

In other flood news, Ron Manchester of the Lower Heart River Management reports that Heart River’s water levels are receding.


39.  Williston Herald (AP) -- New weapon in ND flooding: Explosives

40.  Williston Herald (AP) -- Crews blowing up ice jam on Mo River

41.  YouTube --BiggerBlast -- This is the YouTube page for the company that's doing the explosives work on the Missouri River today

42.  National Guard -- National Guard battles winter storms in five states

43.  WDAY -- Obama meets with ND delegation on flooding

44.  Marketwire (press release) -- Water Damage Company, Damage Control, Inc., Prepared for Flood Restoration in Fargo, Moorhead, and Bismarck

45.  KFYR Radio -- If you live out of town or are at work and don't have a radio, but you want to listen to KFYR radio's broadcast over the internet, you can do that today.  They don't normally stream their audio, but they're doing it today because of the flooding.  So far today it has been a non-stop flood news and information show.

46.  Minneapolis Star Tribune -- Record flood bearing down on Fargo Moorhead

47.  Baltimore Sun (AP) -- White House says Obama is keeping close tabs on flooding in North Dakota

48.  Fargo Forum -- "It's time to get busy again:" Area flood-fight leaders plead for massive volunteer effort as crest level raised to 41 feet

49.  Facebook -- The "Fargo-Moorhead Flood Information" Facebook group has 4,750 members as of 3:07 p.m., today.  (120 photos)

50.  Fargo Forum -- Flood update:  Snowstorm, flooding hampers mail delivery in SD, ND and MN

51.  NY Times -- Fears of Major Floods in North Dakota

52.   KMEG (Sioux City, IA) -- Corps: Runoff gets Lake Oahe level back to average

53.  CBS -- You Tube Video

54.  Bloomberg -- North Dakota River May Reach Record Level, Hurt Crops

55.  MyFoxTwinCities -- Fargo Builds Dikes Higher, Red River to Crest Saturday at 41 Feet

56.  Google (AP) -- Demo experts work to blast Bismarck, ND, ice jam

57.  LJWorld.com (Lawrence, KS) -- Jayhawk' first-round foes back in North Dakota battling flooding river

58.  WQOW (Eau Claire, WI) -- Fargo to build dikes foot higher

59.  Bismarck Tribune -- Photos submitted by readers

60.  A bridge collapsed on Hwy 200 between Stanton and Pick City.

61.  Townhall -- ND Mayor 'optimistic' after blast to clear ice jam

62.  There probably won't be any more updates here for a few hours.  If you see any new news online, please post a link in the comments.  Please use this format:  Source name, title of story and then the link.  If you put the link first, it messes up the format for a while.  Thanks.

63.  President Obama met this morning with Senators Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan and Congressman Earl Pomeroy to get up to speed on the flooding in North Dakota.

President Barack Obama meets Wednesday, March 25, 2009, at the U.S. Capitol with representatives from North Dakota and Minnesota, areas hard hit by flooding. With the President in front of a display of area news coverage are, from left, Rep. Collin Peterson, and behind him Sen. Amy Klobuchar, both of Minnesota, and Sen. Ken Conrad, Sen. Byron Dorgan and Rep. Earl Pomeroy, all of North Dakota.   The White House / Pete Souza
Click on these links for Part I (Tuesday), Part II (Wednesday), Part III (Thursday), Part IV (Friday), Part V (Saturday), Part VI (Sunday), Part VII (Monday) and Part VIII (Tuesday).


Comments (17)add comment

MG said:

The President has declared ND a disaster area that makes the state eligible for federal funds so that the state does not have to spend their own funds on legitimate things. Thank goodness now that 1.2 billion in reserves and the 630 million dollar stimulus are still available for lawmakers to spend on getting paid to fight over go-go dancers getting license, or maybe they can set up a bunch of $50k slush funds. Wait even better Lawmakers can pass a State “Safety Grant” program in which only business owners that are lawmakers are eligible for millions of dollars that don’t have to be accounted for!!!!
March 25, 2009
Votes: +1

bob kupferer said:

The biggest problem with flooding is getting volunteers to fill sandbags why cant sandbags be filled at local grain bins and loaded on trucks and delivered to local flood areas?
March 26, 2009
Votes: +0

MG said:

I see the politicians are all getting the photo ops with the news about the Fargo flooding, maybe they should get their butts out there and sandbag rather then get on camera so everyone can see they are doing nothing other then talk.
March 27, 2009
Votes: -2

Chet said:

I don't know about the others, but... Pomeroy surveys flood damage, fills sandbags (GF Herald)

March 27, 2009
Votes: +0

Truth said:

I'm sure it was just another photo op for Pomeroy. I have watched the morning meeting with city officials in WF and Pomeroy and Dorgan add nothing to the meetings, at least Hoeven who is in charge of the guard can give specifics. The other two blow hards should just go away.
March 27, 2009
Votes: -3

Chet said:

Tell the truth, truth
Pomeroy's been out in eastern ND sandbagging most of the week, races back to D.C. for a meeting/briefing with the Prez, comes back home and continues sandbagging, and you're not satisfied. There's nothing Pomeroy, Conrad or Dorgan could ever do that would meet your approval, is there Truth? Be honest.
March 27, 2009
Votes: +3

Truth said:

He says he has been sandbagging, but he only does it in my opinion to get his picture in the paper and to show that he cares about ND. I was talking about his speaking at the meetings, he brought nothing to the meetings.

Yes there is something they can do to get my approval, #1 - they could resign, #2 - they could truly represent the people of ND and vote the way the majority of North Dakotans want them to, #3 - they could resign.
March 27, 2009
Votes: -1

Sheyenne River Resident said:

Some background for Truth
Hey Truth - Earl Pomeroy grew up one mile north of Valley City in a house that was right on the riverbanks of the Sheyenne River, just below the Baldhill Dam. He knows exactly what it is like to defend your own home and what it is like to appreciate volunteers who come out to sandbag. I remember going out to his parents home to help sandbag when I was young and remember the fear that grew as the bridge over the river was overcome. Earl is a veteran sandbagger and he knows all about floods. I don't doubt his sincerity one bit.
March 28, 2009
Votes: +1

steve C. said:

Hey truth, What about Ex-Gov Schaffer driving sand truck out there. He must be doing the same thing as Earl. He must be doing that for his own attention. Guys that you align with are not the only sincere people. Get a life.
March 28, 2009
Votes: +0

steve C. said:

I forgot to ask, how many bags did you fill anywhere Truth?
March 28, 2009
Votes: +0

Truth said:

Earl may have grown up here but he forgot his ND roots when he votes in lockstep with the most liberal agenda in history. That is not ND, that is what Pelosi tells him to do.

I did what I could and maybe Ed is doing that but he is not an elected politician. If you want to get on former politicians and what they are doing, are you asking many sandbage Joel Heitkamp and Vern Thompson filled as well?
March 28, 2009
Votes: -1

S. Fred Wood said:

You don't know Earl.
Earl is back every weekend. Have you seen him in the grocery stores with his kids? Have you seen him being a father? He is as much a North Dakotan as you are. You might not agree with his positions, but the man is doing what he thinks is right for us.

Believe it.

Evidently the majority of North Dakotans agree with me.
March 28, 2009
Votes: +0

Truth said:

Earl is only back every weekend since he got divorced and his kids live in ND. I give him credit for that, but he is not back because he truly represents ND, he is back for his family. His family aside, I think that Earl is an opportunist and shows up whenever their is a photo op available.

The majority of people in my opinion vote on name recognition only and like being a welfare state.

I diagree that Earl is doing what he thinks is right, he is doing what Pelosi tells him to. I watched Earl again at the flood briefing and he brings nothing to the table that is of any substance. He is there for the photo op.
March 28, 2009
Votes: -2

oakie said:

c'mon, now is not the time to be arguing over something so stupid. The fact is that Earl is/was there, and it is not up to you or anyone else to decide what the reason for his appearance is. I think ANYONE that is lending a hand has a big heart. I was born and raised in ND and have lived away for many years; my heart is breaking for the people in ND - I would love to be there. I remember attending college in Minot and assisting in the floods back there - you wouldn't do it if your heart isn't in it - IT"S A BIG JOB.
March 28, 2009
Votes: +0

J. Lock said:

Proud of Politicians
I often disagree with our Congressional Delegation. And I will be the first to urge that they be replaced because I disagree with their political philosophies. But no-one can legitimately argue that they are not effective and tireless advocates for North Dakota. Bottom line is our leaders -- federal, state, local, have done a great job under very difficult circumstances.

Now is not the time for political attacks.
March 29, 2009
Votes: +0

Jehnavi said:

The President has declared ND a disaster area that makes the state eligible for federal funds so that the state does not have to spend their own funds on legitimate things. Crusie Thank goodness now that 1.2 billion in reserves and the 630 million dollar stimulus are still available for lawmakers to spend on getting paid to fight over go-go dancers getting license, or maybe they can set up a bunch of $50k slush funds. Wait even better Lawmakers can pass a State “Safety Grant” program in which only business owners that are lawmakers are eligible for millions of dollars that don’t have to be accounted for.
March 30, 2010
Votes: +1

Arches National Park said:

Arches National Park
I often disagree with our congressional delegation. It first asks me to replace it, because I disagree with their political philosophies. But no one can reasonably argue that they are not efficient and tireless support of North Dakota. Bottom line is our leaders - federal, state, local, did a great job in very difficult circumstances.
Arches National park
June 18, 2010
Votes: +0

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