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ND Republican Chairman Supporting Democrats in 2014? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   
Wednesday, 07 August 2013 08:14

The title of this blog post probably surprised you.  I'll make no bones about the fact that this question surprises me, too.  But it's a legitimate question.  Let me explain why.

If you have a pulse and live in North Dakota, you've met lots and lots of disgruntled former Republicans. I can't tell you how many people I know (though it's a lot) who have parroted these words: "I did not leave the North Dakota Republican Party; the North Dakota Republican Party left me."  The North Dakota Republican Party is full of cray cray.  The offensive categories range from "corporate sell-out" to "morbidly manipulatable sheep" to "American Taliban."  And everything in between.  So the masses are leaving the Republican Party.  Some are becoming politically disengaged.  Many are signing on with the Democratic-NPL.  (Welcome!)  Some aren't signing on, but they're still supporting Democrats in North Dakota.  It's all very interesting to watch.  

But something I heard about this past weekend kind of surprised me.  North Dakota Republican Party Chairman Bob Harms attended a $250 per supporter (recommended contribution) riverboat cruise last week on the Missouri River in Bismarck/Mandan.  The event was held for supporters of the Democratic-NPL Party state Senate Caucus.  

When I heard about this I did not believe it. I said, "Show me a picture and I might believe it." Well, I got pictures this morning. Here's one showing GOP Chairman Harms at the Democratic-NPL senate caucus supporter's cruise:


Now, you might be saying to yourself, "Chad; isn't having Harms -- the NDGOP chairman -- at a Dem-NPL meeting like inviting the fox into the henhouse?"  Or, "He must have stuck out like a turd in a punchbowl." I would beg to differ. As more and more Republicans abandon the NDGOP and support Democratic-NPL candidates because of the level of crazy in the Republican Party, why not have the Republican Party chairman show his support for Democratic-NPL candidates?  

From my perspective, by showing his support for Democratic-NPL candidates in the North Dakota senate race, Harms is trying to represent the views of the tens of thousands of disenfranchised former North Dakota Republicans who have completely abandoned their crazy party. He's thumbing his nose at the religious zealots and teabaggers, many of whom hold all the other leadership positions in his party, and telling them there is at least one person -- and only one -- in a North Dakota GOP leadership position who will bow to most of their nutbaggery, but not all of it.

I was glad to hear Democrats welcomed Chairman Harms to the event. It's good to see the Republican Party chairman supporting all the solid candidates the Democratic-NPL Party is offering up to serve the state in the North Dakota Senate.

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Dustin Gawrylow said:

Reminds me of an old joke
There's an old joke from a couple years ago that goes something like - Giving the NDGOP $100 is like giving the Dem-NPL $60 because the Dem-NPL doesn't know how to spend it as effectively, and the NDGOP is just going to spend it to hijack Dem-NPL ideas anyways, so in the end, there's not much of a difference.
August 07, 2013
Votes: +3

Chet said:

Over-analyzing your "joke"... people who are conservative with their money would probably say there IS quite a bit of a difference. The difference is that if you give $100 to the NDGOP, you're paying 66% more than you'd have to pay the Democrats to get the exact same thing. (A premise I reject; but I'm playing along with the "joke.") Sixty-six percent seems like "much of a difference." Especially if you ad a zero or two to the donation amounts.

Maybe if people gave money to Democrats, instead, and offered to help them manage it better (which, again, presumes they don't; a premise Rick Berg and I would both reject), there wouldn't be so much un-investigated corruption in North Dakota government. Maybe there'd be more balance. Maybe there'd be more transparency. Maybe we wouldn't be destroying the western 1/3 of the state. A little less war on women. A little less cray cray.

But you were just trying to make a joke, and now I've gone and ruined EVERYTHING.

August 07, 2013
Votes: +0

Dustin Gawrylow said:

This is why we cant have funny things
The point was that if you are gonna give the Republicans $100, ya might as well give the Dems $60 for the same result. This applies mostly to state spending issues.
August 07, 2013
Votes: +0

Chet said:

Two things:
(1) Any time you feel like you have to explain a joke, it's not a very good joke.


(2) Yeah, Dustin. I got it.
August 07, 2013
Votes: +0

Steve C. said:

So then why waste forty dollars when all you need to spend is sixty and get the same result.....exactly what result did the extra 40 get you? that does not sound like you are very conservative if you are spending more than you need to just to get the same result!
August 07, 2013
Votes: +1

Big Running said:

Holy cow Bob! I haven't seen you in awhile but that hair? Are you auditioning for the evil lawyer in the next Austin Powers movie?? Groovy Baby!!!!
August 08, 2013
Votes: +0

Norma Louise Carter said:

I Like This Site
I am new to this site, and I like it. I like it, because it allows people to post on it for and against points in articles posted. How long will it be before I am banned from posting, I do not know. Only God knows when that will happen. Who knows a miracle might take place or the people who run this site, will be able to take some good opposition from me without coveting only cheerleading posts from their readership. I am just one of those people who thrive in the arena of opposition. Because of "this fighting side of me," please let me post as long as you can take the fight.

I alsolike this site, because it contains a lot of information concerning the current events taking place in North Dakota. I do not receive newspapers to read, so I am lost at this time to what is going on here in this state.

It is my desire to learn from all the people who post articles and from those who post comments. Little by little, I will be able to form my opinions, and while I am forming them, I might change some of them or fine-tune some of them, but one thing I will never do is compromise.

Apparently, there is no room for God in the Democratic Party. Apparently, Chet, you think that those who hold to God and the Bible are religious zealots, and you insult the Tea Party, which is composed of patriotic Americans, even though I am not a Tea Party member. The Tea Party patriots, who are opposed to the Obama Administration of wickedness, as any one of good sense should be, since that Administration is corrupt, and that lawless one is still an unknown, except by a few, whose birth certificate has been proved false, and he has used the social security numbers of dead people. Yet, no one it seems to me is awake in the Democratic Party: hence, they could care less that a person who is not a natural born citizen has usurped the highest office in America. Has the Democratic Party forgotten the U.S. Constitution? I think it has.
August 16, 2013
Votes: -1

Jonesy said:

Is Norma serious or just trolling?
August 16, 2013
Votes: +0

Norma Louise Carter said:

I am serious
No, I am not trolling. I am serious. I am a real person, who is serious, and I mean what I say. I am not a goosestepping, kowtowing politician of no backbone.

Why do people who cannot stand in the fight, always refer to their opponent as a troll?

August 16, 2013
Votes: +0

KT said:

opposition research
I think he has other motives. Opposition research can be expensive, but now he knows who the active DNPL donors are. More importantly, he also knows who else was on the boat trying to meet the donors. For $250, he knows who is planning to run, who is going to fund, and gets to rattle those riding the fence about running by giving them a gesture of "Oh, you're running? that's cute. Here's a couple hondo because you don't pose a threat to my super-majority". I think he's keeping his enemies closer. But hey, I may just be cynical about this sort of thing.

Norma- The quick answer to your last question is "they don't". Your post was probably called to question because you made an inflamatory remark that was off-topic from the post on which you commented. Neither Birther-ism, the Tea Party, nor religion were mentioned in the article, yet your post covered all three. And after you use words like "wickedness" and "corrupt" in your description of your opponent's administration and imply that your opponents lack good sense, you forfeit the right to be indignant over name calling.
August 19, 2013
Votes: +0

Norma Louise Carter said:

But dear....
Dear KT,

My using certain words had nothing to do with anything. It is that you cannot see that the present administration that is headed by an unconstitutional person is indeed wicked and corrupt, which you would be sure to see if you knew the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible as well as I do.

Obama lies and says our country is not a Christian country, when our history shows clearly that our country is a Christian country. He is a very corrupt person, who has an agenda to destroy our country to bring in the digitalized banking economic system set in the one-world government of the Anti-Christ, which world governance all of you will be immersed into in your life time.

The remarks of the inflame sense were made by Chet against Christians and against fellow-Americans such as those in the Tea Party who have the right to voice their opinion as much as Chet and you do. I am not a Tea Party member. Yet, let these people have their First Amendment Right of Free Speech.

AK, you need to read again Chet's article thoroughly this time.

He indeed made mention of "religious zealots," and the Tea Party. Yet, I am sure, when you reread Chet's article to see what I just wrote is true, you will not apologize to me for your false accusation against me,in your quickness, for your unrighteous charge of being off-topic. To win any argument when you present your case it is important to be honest and fair to your opponent instead of making false accusations. To be honest and fair, you must read the articles presented thoroughly, and not be so quick in your uncontrolled emotions to fight back before you are ready to present your argument objectively in facts which need to be true and presented in a cold-calculated emotion.

I will be frank here. The voices at this site seem to me to be very anti-Christian, and very anti-U.S. Constitution. I feel I would be welcomed here if I believed in beer and alcohol use, abortion, bad language, women/men hybrid women, homo-type living, no First Amendment Right, and no Second Amendment Right.

I never stooped so low to falsely call any of you a troll, and when I told the truth that I am not a troll, my accuser could not even humble himself to apologize to me. And you, AK, condone that poster for falsely calling me a troll, just because of your political ties and goosestepping to the Democratic Party that is represented in North Dakota.

I am not saying here that all Democrats are anti-Christian, but it seems by what has been said so far at this site, that the ones in North Dakota might be for an ungodly agenda.

Anyhow, I have decided that it is not healthy for my person to post on this site any longer. I do not know why people lower themselves in front of women by using bad language as Nimrod/Nimrodent has done, and he makes no apology for this offense, but instead he strengthens his argument to use foul language in front of women. I just do not approve of uncultured, ungodly men who are that way in their very nature, and I certainly never converse with such persons.

I do have a few good North Dakotan friends. One of them said it is nice to be around someone like me of the royal blood, because she said that we North Dakotans are a bunch of commoners. And ND is so in its composition, I think, now.

I have learned to just stay around my friends who are of my royal families of Europe. I should not had stepped out from my own kind to converse here at this site. I need to go back to FB to converse with my royal cousins of the royal houses of Europe. It is not easy being of the Davidic, Mithraic, Merovingian and Carolingian royal bloodlines. There is a great difference between royalty and those of the blood of the commoner.

Howbeit so, thank you all for letting me post till this very day. I just cannot post here anymore. It makes me very sad inside my heart to see the inner condition of the commoners in North Dakota represented by you few of Democratic persuasion.


Norma Louise Carter
August 19, 2013
Votes: +3

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