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(ND-ALL) Kevin Cramer Deletes Controversial Facebook Exchange With Constituent PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   
Tuesday, 24 September 2013 08:11

And Things Are Getting Ugly on Congressman Cramer's Own Facebook Wall


On Friday of last week, North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer's constituent, Kevin R. Tengesdal, posted some important Bible passages on Cramer's Facebook wall. The passages related to the basic Christian values of providing for the poor, elderly, orphans, etc. You know; stuff Jesus liked to do. Cramer responded, in essence, by saying he thinks everyone who receives food assistance (SNAP or "food stamps") is lazy and should starve. Here's the exchange (again):

Cramer Exchange

After NorthDecoder broadcast Cramer's exchange with his constituent to a larger audience, the story of the exchange went viral. We got hit with a massive amount of web traffic from all over. I'm quite glad I stopped hosting NorthDecoder on a box in my basement a couple years ago because my little web server and its gerbils couldn't have handled all the traffic.  Here's a list of some of the websites that picked up the story:

Fox News

Political Wire

Raw Story

Talking Points Memo

Digby's Blog (Hullabaloo)

Balloon Juice


A Wee Blether (Adam J. Copeland)

One News Page


The Last of the Millenniums

99% News


The Daily Banter

Common Dreams

Alan Colmes' Liberaland

The Reaction


The Daily Hurricane



There are many, many others who have written about this. That's just a sample. I also got blasted with traffic that came from people's posts (that I can't see) on their own Facebook walls.

Suffice it to say that based upon the amount of traffic NorthDecoder.com has gotten since Friday of last week, this story is a nationally-significant story that has gone amazingly viral. When a story shows up on RawStory and Fox News and Talking Points Memo and the Political Wire, it's a big deal.

But have you heard anything about it in ANY North Dakota news?  I haven't. Someone told me a question was asked of Cramer on KFGO (Fargo) yesterday morning, but I wasn't able to listen. I don't know what the question was, or what the answer was (though I heard Cramer tried to deflect the issue, entirely.)  

Here's what I know. You can tell a lot about a member of Congress by looking at what's happening on the Congressperson's Facebook wall.  Cramer's Facebook wall is U.G.L.Y. right now.  It's gotten so viral and so bad for Cramer now, Cramer has completely deleted his exchange with Mr. Tengesdal from his Facebook wall.  It has vanished from Cramer's Facebook wall, entirely. Gone. Mr. Tengesdal's Bible passages and Cramer's response to those Bible passages apparently aren't worthy of being saved. So they're gone. Too bad for Cramer that everybody on the internet has already seen the screen grab (above) as it's been shared by Fox News, Talking Points Memo, and countless other websites.

For what it's worth, here's a link to where Cramer's exchange with his constituent used to be:  LINK 

Cramer's message to his constituent:  "You're not worthy."

Cramer's message to the Bible passages quoted by his constituent:  "You're not worthy."

That's amazing, but here's what's REALLY amazing about this: Cramer is getting the crap beat out of him by commenters on Cramer's own Facebook wall.  You really should go check this out.  I'll provide a link, but I'm also fairly confident that Cramer will show his stripes and delete all those comments, too.  So I'm also going to provide you with a graphic.  Going to his Facebook page -- for now -- is a better way to read them, but I'll keep it here so it's still publically available after Cramer deletes all his constituent's unworthy comments.

Here's a link to his Wall:  LINK

Below you'll find what Kevin Cramer's Facebook wall looks like right now.  You should read through some or all of it. It's pretty amazing. Consider going to the link and adding your own voice.

Kevin Cramer's Facebook Wall by northdecoder


Okay, so someone whose email address looks like it might be the constituent's email address posted a comment under an earlier blog post here. I didn't see the comment until someone sent me a note about it a little bit ago.  The comment comes from someone identifying him/herself as "krten1966" and says, "I had removed the initial posting from Cramer's wall as my 'Notifications' button was going almost non-stop on my own Facebook wall."  Now, I can't tell who this comment came from, so I don't know if it's the constituent. If it is, then you can just ignore the stuff, above, about Cramer deleting the original exchange. Regardless, the activity on Cramer's Facebook wall is still freaking amazing. Go check that out.

Comments (2)add comment

Kevin R. Tengesdal said:

It was me. All me.
Yes, it was me, Kevin R. Tengesdal, perpetrator of thuggery (as alleged by Janne Myrdal in March) and the Bismarck-based actor and activist, who had removed the post from Cramer's wall.
September 25, 2013 | url
Votes: +2

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