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Kevin Cramer's Communications Director Is A Racist PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   
Thursday, 19 July 2012 14:33

Kevin Cramer is the Republican candidate for North Dakota's open U.S. House seat.  According to a press release he issued on February 3, 2012, Kate Bommarito is his campaign's Communications Director.  Bommarito found an offensive, racist comment by a friend of hers to be so compelling that she "retweeted" it recently.



Bommarito, you may recall, was also a fake journalist, working for the fake news service "PlainsDaily.com" before being welcomed onto Kevin Cramer's racism team.  PlainsDaily received funding from the radical, right-wing fake news front group, the Franklin Center, which is a Koch Brothers Crime Family-funded non-profit with its principal office located in a post-office box in the UPS Store on South Seventh Street in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Kate Bommarito had no business pretending to be a journalist.  She had no qualifications to be a journalist. She was a political hack. She was horrible writer. At her core, she was fundamentally incapable of writing a story in a non-partisan, politically neutral way, but she pretended to be able to do so.  She also, apparently, lacks the ability to recognize when her friends' comments are racist and offensive.  

And Kate Bommarito is Kevin Cramer's Communications Director.

Kate Bommarito should resign as Cramer's Communications Director by the end of the day today, or be fired.  For Cramer to keep a racist on his staff is a tacit endorsement of Bommarito's racist, offensive "re-tweet."  For Kevin Cramer to keep Bommarito on his staff is to endorse her racism.  

She needs to go.

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dummy said:

You posted your demand two days ago. So far, almost zero social media shares amd one commemt.

You're so...influential!
July 21, 2012
Votes: -4

Webmaster said:

Patience, jackass
One time when we made someone resign, it took two full weeks.
July 21, 2012
Votes: +3

big jake said:

Racists have found a safe home in the Republican party and the tea party. Back a while, it was the Democratic party that was the easist and best place for hate to reside. That changed but the racism, while it has shrunk considerably, but has found a resurrgence.

A much larger pile exists just under the surface. It is dangerous and poses perhaps the biggerst threat to our nation. A bad economy has been the trigger for this. Now we have a black President. That is just too much.

Disgusted, I am disgusted. It is possible that your level of denial is being expressed but I doubt it. The Republicans and their various groups are openly racist. Sen. McConnel is so full of it he barely can contain himself. The Rove types who basically have no belief system, are using the race card just to gin up their duped followers.

Perhaps, disgusted, you fit into one of these groups. Please enlighten us by sharing your reasons to defend Bommarito. I would enjoy your take on the issues that you seem to think need the Republican ideology to bring them to life.
July 21, 2012
Votes: +4

disguisted said:

I seriously think that they meant black hole because of the way that he is hemoraging money at high amounts with little result except failed green companies.

It's just like when ND Democrats tried to say calling Heitkamp Heidi Ho was actually calling Heitkamp a Ho. Which it was obvious that they weren't. Tell me how these people you called out are racist?
July 21, 2012
Votes: -3

nimrod's left brain said:

Beatles "A Day in the Life" Definitive definition of 'hole.
July 22, 2012
Votes: +0

big jake said:

Disgusted, pay attention. The "green" reference that is continously brought up and you have do so too, was a company that was originally funded by the Bush administration.

It is reflective of just plain incompetence and the Republicans can't claim to be more incometent than the Democrats. These thing go on all the time and when they happen in North Dakota, and lots of money has been wasted here to and a lot just by the current and recent past administrations, does not excuse it.

Most of these deals are promoted by some bank or banks and they are the ones who benefit. Hardly a bank in ND has clean hands here. They are risk averse and as good free market capitalists, they always want the taxpayer to pay the bill.

As to the "hole" comment, only a fool would attempt to defend this kind of crap. You damn well not what was meant. Assuming that you are over 8 years old. If is a fool's errand to defend the indefensible.

It is way past time that we shape up in matters of race, gender, sexual orientation. If we have any understanding of freedom, justice and liberty, you would join in the condemnation of such stuff. Stand up, it won't hurt you.
July 22, 2012
Votes: +3

Chet said:

Kate Bommarito has apparently deleted her entire Twitter account. (Nice catch by David Nir at DailyKos.com)

I think that's kinda funny. Someone must have figured out she wasn't smart enough to run her own Twitter account. It's amazing Kevin Cramer would think she's still got the ability to serve as Comm Director for a congressional candidate.

As I noted before, Kevin Cramer's inaction and his affirmative decision to keep her on his staff should be interpreted as being his approval of her racist tweet.
July 26, 2012
Votes: +1

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