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Kevin Cramer Royally Screws up Email PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam   

So you know how in Microsoft Word you can turn on "Track Changes" and it will show you all the changes you've made to your document while you have that option on?   It allows people who are proofreading a document to show the edits that they are making, along with notes, so that in the end, a person can accept or reject changes and show a final document.  Apparently Cramer's folks were tech savvy enough to use that feature in one of their press releases, but not savvy enough to turn it off when they copied and pasted that press release into their email program and hit "Send."  Here's the result:

Cramer Email Screwup

As you can see, not only do we get to see what Cramer started with in his original campaign announcement,  which appears to have been the jumping-off point for this press release, we also got to see what ways he is trying to spin his candidacy and what parts of his campaign that even put in good light, he would like to ignore, like where he slipped by all but one of his primary opponents by skipping the state convention entirely, opting to only run in the primary instead.  I also find it a little amusing that even though it was deleted once, Cramer's folks were still unable to use proper english in describing Pam Gulleson.  It's "DemocratIC opponent", not "Democrat opponent."  Learn the difference between a noun and an adjective or just admit you're using a slur.

Also, while they chose to still mention all three polls that have been done on the house race, they opted not to display the individual results of them.  They instead left up an average of the three of them.  That's smart to do when you look at the numbers over time.  The most recent poll (and considering the questionable sources and/or methodology of the other two[see our posts on them here  and here], the only one worth really considering), showing the race narrowing, with Cramer below 50%, considered by many to be the threshold of inevitability.  Erasing the details of the polling paints a much rosier picture than reality.

They also nixed the comparison between Cramer's fundraising and Gulleson's.  Given that hers is significantly higher than his, I'm surprised that they opted to mention that in the first place. 

In the end, Kevin Cramer is glossing over the less attractive parts of his campaign and trying not to point out that he has a real strong challenger who, as her name recognition grows, so do her poll numbers, and also happens to be a prolific fundraiser who is more than keeping up despite the fact that a top-tier senate race in the state is sucking up a lot of the donor money in the state.

Every campaign does this when they're trying to attract donors, its rare when we get to see what happens behind the scenes.  Cramer's folks were just a little too trigger happy when they sent out their email.

Pro Tip: Always pause for 10 seconds before you hit "send" on an email to the public and take a moment to read it.  It could save you some major embarrassment in the end.

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Typo Patrol said:

While you're at it, you might also fix your headline.
June 29, 2012
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Chet said:

I got this
I'll take the blame for that one. When Adam posted this on Wednesday, I told him there were several typos that needed to be corrected and that I'd try to get to them Thursday morning. I went in and fixed some of them, but forgot about this one. My bad.

Also, Adam and I hadn't communicated with each other that we were both writing a blog post about this unprofessional email. He beat me to the punch on it, so I haven't posted my post. I kind of like part of what I wrote and so I'm going to copy and past a piece of it here:

I wonder...

After you send out something as unprofessional as that, do you then send out an apology, thereby reminding everyone who got it that you've got an incompetent staff?

Apology Email Draft:

Dear Fox News Watching Sheeple valued customer Citizen:

You may have received a draft of an email today. I wrote that email after having a few drinks and accidentally hit the "send" button. A new, junior staff member wrote that email and accidentally sent it out before it had been finalized and reviewed.

I would be surprised if my supporters have the intellectual capacity to turn on your computer, let alone read an email. I value your support and trust that you will understand that sometimes there are glitches in political campaigns.

That's all I have to say for now; I have to go polish Mr. Hamm's shoes now and pre-chew his dinner for him. Thank you for your understanding.


Kevin Cramer

Corporate Tool

Or do you just pretend you never sent it out?

Recipient: "Hey, Kevin! What's up with that e-mail you guys sent out the other day?"

KC: "Email? What email?"

Recipient: "Oh. Nevermind."

Recipient: . o O (Idiot.)

Tough call.
June 29, 2012
Votes: +2

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