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It's Time For Al Jaeger To Retire PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   

I would guess that North Dakota's Secretary of State Al Jaeger might be a nice enough man, in some social settings. He's probably active in his church. He's probably a talented Pinochle and/or shuffle board player. He might even be a good fly fisherman. But he is a HORRIBLE Secretary of State.

Consider the fact that the Secretary of State's computer upgrade is 86.7% behind schedule, and it is 21.3% over budget.  



(In Al's defense, I suppose I should note that the rocket scientists who run Workforce Safety & Insurance aren't doing a lot better.)

And the Secretary of State's website is woefully outdated and inadequate.  We should be embarrassed to have such a public portrayal of governmental incompetence in the form of his website.  

I suppose we should be happy Al isn't using an old CPT machine, or IBM Selectrics.  (Or maybe he still is.)  

It is unacceptable to have a state agency 86.7% behind in a nearly-million-dollar computer upgrade, and 21.3% over budget.  This is clearly a case of managerial incompetence.  This cannot possibly fall on anybody's shoulders but Al Jaeger's and the people who voted for him.  

North Dakotans deserve better.

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Disgusted said:

Jaeger is clearly unable to administer his department. He shuts down the department for more than half their public access time claiming he needed more workers to handle a massive crush of work. He then requests an interim appropriation for THREE NEW WORKERS! Only three. He had to seriously inconvinience members of the public having business with his agency because he was incapable of scheduling the time of three current workers to make the work go more efficiently. He would get a D- in Management 101 at any business school. The computer problems seem to be endemic to the department. Years of work and millions of dollars wasted on project after project that goes nowhere.
Another thing to watch for in September. Al Jaeger is also the state's chief election officer. Two years ago he was late in getting election ballots turned in to the Pentagon for distribution to North Dakota troops serving overseas. He passed it off as only a few days, no big deal. It could have prevented some soldiers from voting or getting their ballots returned on time. It could also have complicated and delayed final certification of the votes in some state election districts. He needs to be watched this year.
This is what happens when you have government where incumbents always win. The democrats have the same problem with Wayne Sanstead who after twenty eight years and nearing the age of eighty has finally decided to hang it up at the Department of Public Instruction. Two walking exhibits for term limits.
June 28, 2012
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D.E.Bishop said:

I wonder if Jaeger and Gant (SD's SOS) are related? Or did they just attend the same Koch Bros/ALEC school of incompetence and election rigging? You can read more than anyone would ever want to know about Gant right here - http://madvilletimes.com/2012/...certainty/
The blog is Madvilletimes.com. There is lots more about Gant. There is also this, and more at SDCola.com - http://www.southdacola.com/blo...ss-office/
Gant is so bad at his job, and corrupt, a Repub senator has written a letter to the Atty Gen asking for an investigation. SD newspapers are now writing about Gant's pitiful job performance. Keep going after Jaeger. Bloggers can be very effective, as you have proven before.
July 01, 2012
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nimrod said:

Strategic incompetence is the touchstone of the NDGOP governance model. Little gold stars are being pasted next to Jaeger's name on the Teabagger job performance calendar.
July 02, 2012
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fafaf@gjj.com said:

February 27, 2014
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