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Interview With The ND Corruption Reporter PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   
Friday, 20 March 2009 05:09

NDCorruptionYou may have seen my blog post on the ad in the Bismarck Tribune seeking reports of corruption in North Dakota.  (If not, click here.)  I expressed some concern about the ad.  I had questions so I connected with the person behind the ad. 

Here's our question and answer session: 


NorthDecoder:  Who are you, where are you from, what do you do? 
ND Corruption Reporter:  [The ND Corruption reporter indicated he's from Northeastern ND, identified himself to me, but asked that I not disclose here who he is.  He indicated he has some concern for his personal safety.  For the record, I had gotten a tip as to who he was before he told me, but I didn't tell him that.  He probably knows now.]

ND:  What inspired you to place the ad in the Bismarck Tribune?  (Are you, by chance, the victim of some government corruption?)
NDCR:  I had some dealings with corruption but a friend of mine is the reason I decided to get involved in this. 

ND:  Did you put the ad in any other newspapers or magazines?  Any radio or TV ads?
NDCR:  I put the ad in the Grand Forks Herald, Cavalier Chronicle, Bismarck Trib, and Walsh Cty Record. I haven't done TV ads yet, because I wanted to see how many stories I got from the newspaper ads. I have only gotten a few stories. I think its because people think saying something will come back to bite them in the ass. I don't want names of private individuals because I can't print them without getting sued. You can say just about anything about ELECTED OFFICIALS THOUGH. 

ND:  How many people have you heard from?  How many stories have you been able to verify?
NDCR:  I have only heard from about 3 people. I heard from one that I think is from the Gov's office or Atty Generals office who wanted to know who I was and I told them. I am sure the BCI and swat team will be at my door soon! 

ND:  Before you do your Corruption Report, will you do any independent verification of the stories people tell you?  If so, are you willing to give an example or two of what kind of verification you're doing (generally or specifically)?
NDCR:  Yes I will do some independent verification of the stories if I get enough to print. I can give an example of what kind of verification I am going to do when it happens. I have a regular job, so I have to do this at night. If someone does send a story, about the only way I can verify it is through court transcripts and affidavits I think. 
ND: When and where do you plan to release your report?  
NDCR:  I was going to print a small tabloid type paper and deliver them to stores and gas stations and various places all over North Dakota. Not sure when. 
ND:  Are you planning to focus on any particular kind(s) of corruption?  
NDCR:  I have heard mostly stories about family courts and the corruption of judges and social services so I was going to focus on that aspect mostly.  If it is one thing I hate, it is child abuse, and people that do the child abuse and the people in the courts, and social services that enable people to abuse children. NOTHING MAKES ME MORE ANGRY THAN PEOPLE ABUSING HELPLESS CHILDREN! 
ND:  I noticed your ad references "family courts" first.  Do you have a special interest in family courts?
NDCR:  I do have a special interest in family courts.  I have a friend who had his children taken away from him by a corrupt judge and he never did anything to hurt the kids, but the judge told him that he can NEVER see or talk to his kids ever again!  Gee, I didn't know that was legal. Oh yeah, it isn't but the judge let the order stand. 

ND:  I also noticed your ad doesn't include "state agencies," "city government offices" or "county government offices."  Did you exclude those intentionally because you're not interested in corruption in those kinds of offices, or is there some other reason you didn't ask for those types of corruption?  (I'm wondering if you're interested in pursuing reports of corruption in those types of offices.)
NDCR:  Yes I am interested in it, but didn't really think about it when I put the ad in the paper. 

ND:  What about corruption in private businesses?  Say, for example, a business that has a "cost plus" contract with the state and is cheating on what its costs are; are you interested in those kinds of stories of corruption?  
NDCR:  Iam interested in those kinds of corruption. I just didn't have any first hand experiences or stories of that type of corruption. 
ND:  Are people asking you to protect their anonymity?  Are you offering to protect reporters' anonymity?
NDCR:  Yes they are asking to protect anonymity and I will protect them. I will need to verify stories and I wouldn't print any names of anyone except Elected Officials. I can only use fake names or initials or fake initials. 
ND:  What kinds of assurances can (and do) you make to people who send their stories to you regarding anonymity?  I'm thinking of a whistleblower whose job might be at risk if they are identified after you release your report and it becomes clear you've gotten inside information from a state or county office, or a business.
NDCR:  I would have to make sure to show the person that sent the story to me gets to read it to make sure it is ok to print before it is printed. I would never want to jeopardize someones job, personal life, or safety for any reason. I think of the people that worked for WSI and went to the AG and said give me whistleblower status and he said he would and then they got fired. Another example of a criminal in power as far as I am concerned. 

ND:  Besides outrageous outcomes in family law cases, are you willing to share a "teaser" (before your report comes out) on some of the corruption that's been reported to you?
NDCR:  Yes I will. 

That's our Q&A exchange.  I should note that I've edited exactly two things in this:  (1) there was one typo [an extra letter "L" that I've taken out]; and (2) there was something that I assume was directed to me, personally, and I took that out. 

Though I'm interested in seeing what comes of this, I have to admit I'm really not all that interested in hearing people's complaints about the outcomes in their divorce cases.  I get enough of that in my job and in my personal life, so I'm not all that interested in those cases even if some of you are.  

I'm just not.

But stay tuned...

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Big Jake said:

It would appear that this is a good idea. I agree that I'm not interested in listening to venting whether or not it is justified. We have an abundance of corruption here in ND and it flourishes mostly because we deny its existence. As you have pointed out, the press here just does not do its job. If it did, most likely we would see a reduction in corruption. it exists in both the public and private sector. Certainly in the Courts----not bribery as we like to complain about, but more like the WSI deal---judges just know what is expected of them. Winking is commonplace as is the unequal treatment based on race or socio-economic status.
A present problem or so it appears, it the denial or delay of unemployment benefits----it sure looks good on paper but it surely is harmful to those who need the help. These practices as those in WSI are always aimed at those with the least ability to do anything about it. WE SHOULD EXPECT BETTER.

The last election was a mandate for Hoeven and his cronies to increase whatever activity they are into---WSI----and more of their right wing nonsense. I don't really give a damn about them---what I do see is that for our system to work, and we have a 2 party system like it or not, it that the opposition---the Democrats----need to stand up----take a position irrespective of the perceived beliefs of the citizens. GET A BACKBONE. I think we will all be surprised at how the public responds---they reflect a lack of leadership. That is what elected Obama---the belief that he would make a difference--not right vs left, not conservative vs liberal, not republican vs democrat, but leadership. I still believe that the President wants to do the right thing-----time will tell. I can say with certainty that he is the only candidate that has that capacity since RFK in 1968---that is a hell of a long time to operate a great nation for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.
March 21, 2009 | url
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Truth said:

Based on the limited information I have and the information in this stroy, I would think that the person behind this is the same person who tried to get legislation and a referrendum passed on his personal issue dealing with child support, he lost that and now he is trying to find another way. If I am correct, I think this person may have once or twice ran for political office.

Because he excludes government agencies, he is on a personnal vendetta and should go back to the R.R.
March 22, 2009
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What the Heck said:

Truth, you're not keeping an open mind
If the ND Corruption Reporter is trying to make a difference, then kudos to him (or her). Have a beer. Chill out. I don't know how you can conclude that because government agencies are excluded, he's on a personal vendetta. Didn't he tell Chet he would listen to those stories too?
March 22, 2009
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Chet said:

To Truth
Your guess was my second guess, but you're wrong (as was I).

After communicating with the ND Corruption Reporter by e-mail a few times, I agree with What The Heck that we ought to give the NDCR a chance. There might be something there.
March 22, 2009
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ND Corruption Reporter said:

Dear Truth......
I think you are talking about the shared parenting initiative that was defeated a couple of years ago. I voted for that, but I am not the one that started the petitions to get it on the ballot, although I do know him. I pay child support, and have no problem with that. I have never ran for political office, although seeing what kind of people are in this state in public office, I would probably be the only one that wouldn't be corrupt so maybe I will some day. But to tell the truth, I have been on numerous boards over the years, and there is nothing more boring than being on a board of directors. If you must know, and you probably do want to.......My personal vendetta is called.....be honest and DO THE RIGHT THING. Its not hard, most of our parents raised us to do the right thing. Help people if they need help. Well that obviously isn't working with the present elected officials that are in office. They lie and refuse to help people and I wouldn't trust one of them farther than I can spit.
March 22, 2009
Votes: +2

Truth said:

I'm all for truth and honesty in the public arena as well. I will have to defer to Chet and if he says that you can be trusted, I may want to contact you. While I don't always agree with Chet and his partisian view of things, I have came to respect his opinion and trust his judgment.
March 25, 2009
Votes: +1

Pete24 said:

Maybe a better move
I think the corruption report is a good way to get the public involved, but shouldn't law enforcement authorities like the FBI be contacted in order to properly peruse these matters????
March 25, 2009
Votes: +0

ND Corruption Reporter said:

Hi Pete24
Its funny you should say that the FBI be contacted about those matters. I have proof that the FBI is corrupt also. I can't say how I know right now, but I will disclose that in the press conference that will be coming. I will post on here when that happens.
March 26, 2009
Votes: +0

PoP said:

Have you checked out NDSU, their AG Department, their Finance Department?
March 26, 2009
Votes: +0

ND Corruption Reporter said:

No I haven't. Do you have any info on either?
March 26, 2009
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ND Corruption Reporter said:

Corrupt Judges Report on ABC NEWS
If you didn't see this on the news tonight you should watch it online. I have a feeling the ND judges will be getting a wee bit nervous.......Oh I'm sorry all the judges in North Dakota are honest and overflowing with integrity!

March 27, 2009
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