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How Much For A Dalrymple? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   

Dogwagger.com posted this brilliant graphic on its facebook page.  I can't help but share it here...

Dalrymple: On Sale Now

Read dogWAGGER.  It's chock full of 23 essential vitamins and irony.

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nimrod said:

He's got to run on his own this time . . . and he's not very good at it. Giggle.
June 29, 2012
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Big Running said:

Yeah, but the Democrat is classic ND Democrat Governor cadidate. No $$, no campaign message, no press. Yep, I bet Jack is really concerned so far.

Jack should be buying Heidi a drink. She sucked all the $$ and energy the dems had into her race.
June 30, 2012
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big jake said:

The irony here is that Jack/Rick/Hoeven do not need the money. That leads me to suggest that it is fame and not fortune that is now the driving force. The need notoriety and power and that comes from taking from those who have the money but need power and more money---or just simple greed.

None of these ever even make a serious believable attempt to articulate what is good for our state but what is good for the boys and that will certainly trickle down to the common folks--eventually or maybe not. In any event, we are in a sorry state of affairs. If we don't stand up to this and the insane Supreme Court decision that gave even more power to the elite, maybe we don't deserve the freedom we claim we love. It appears to me that the only solution left is a constitutional amendment restricting campaign contributions to only eligible voters. Let the money interests buy their influence from those that we elect we the full light of day and the risk that the voters just won't like those who contribute and will vote them out. The way our democracy is supposed to operate.

What qualifications do the above 3 have that would cause any thinking person to voter for them for any reason. Please somebody speak up. Give a logical reason that they are qualified to represent us.
July 02, 2012
Votes: +1

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