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How Awful Is It To Work For Kevin Cramer? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   
Tuesday, 23 April 2013 08:25

IMG_1077Lesson Number One for political public relations professionals is that if you have bad news, release it on Friday afternoon, after it's too late for the press to do anything with it.  By monday, the morons in the media will have either missed it in the Friday afternoon bad-news dump, or they will not have recognized the significance.  Here's one that's been missed by North Dakota's crack squad of investigative local news losers: North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer is losing staff left and right. He issued a positive-sounding press release late on Friday of last week. His announcement was that he had lost key Washington D.C. staff. But he didn't put it that way.

I've known about Cramer's Chief of Staff -- Kimberly Badenhop -- and her rush for the exit door for about a month and a half now. The day after the election Cramer announced Badenhop would be "his transition director [ ] and then [ ] his chief of staff."  (Source)  She started as his Chief of Staff in early January and had already decided she needed to leave about two months later, by early March.  If you include her time as transition director, Badenhop worked for Cramer for about 3.5 months, total before making a break for it. She suffered through barely two months as his Chief of Staff, and had to get out of there.  Either way, that looks horrible for Cramer. How bad must it be that your Chief of Staff -- the best paid person on your staff -- can't stand working for you for four months?

Well it's actually worse than that. Cramer didn't just lose his Chief of Staff; he also lost his Communications Director. His Communications Director -- Tommy McKone -- started in January but has also found it necessary to leave. Cramer announced late Friday that he's moving a staff "Legislative Correspondent" named "Matt Becker" into the Communications Director position from which McKone had escaped.

You have to ask yourself how terrible it must be to work for Cramer. It's supposed to be a bit of an honor to get congressional staff jobs in Washington, D.C.  I know people who have applied for those jobs and dreamed they might get them. They can be great stepping stones to other interesting work in Washington and around the world. People who take these jobs don't often race for the door after two or three short months.

If you were a skilled journalist in Bismarck or in Washington, when you got that press release last Friday, wouldn't you have been a little curious as to why Cramer is losing his staff so quickly? Shouldn't someone be asking questions?

There must be a reason why Cramer is bleeding off staff left and right.

I've been told Kevin Cramer is an awful person to work for.  Maybe the recent shuffling of staff is just one more sign that this is true.

Perhaps not.

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Big Running said:

Ahhhh Cramer, he is a wonderful example of self-importance. He is a pretty big deal, just ask him! I am very fond of this fellow's ego...he is so full of himself. More amazingly, is the fact that this fellow married a woman equally as arrogant as him. How is that possible? It would be interesting to see what some of his former Tourism and Economic Development Staffer's have to say about him. I'll bet there are some real interesting stories floating around out there.

Kris Cramer is a very domineering woman. She is probably running the show and that is rubbing some of the staff the wrong way.
April 23, 2013
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