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Goodbye Taxpayer-Funded Political Convention PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   
Friday, 25 May 2012 00:00

I'm not sad to see this week's taxpayer-funded Republican Party convention and fundraiser wrapped up and shipped off.  It's okay with me that "Oil Patch Profiteers" have left town. The government-hosted political convention started with Continental Resources owner Harold Hamm standing at the door, handing out fundraising solicitations for Kevin Cramer, and closed with this:

Harold Hamm cut down his speech to three words: “Beat Barack Obama.”

The Continental Resources CEO who led a panel discussion Thursday during the final day of the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference said energy will play a huge role in upcoming elections.

Fargo Forum

And who hosted this partisan political convention / fundraiser?

You and me and our tax dollars. We paid Jack Dalrymple's Oil Czar, Lynn Helms, to host the convention / fundraiser this week.


(Source) (highlighting added)

That's the agenda from the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference website.  One of the three prime hosts of the event is Jack Dalrymple's Oil Czar, Lynn Helms.  He's a state employee.  He spent four days and four nights hosting this political rally/fundraiser. He handed the podium over to Harold Hamm, the man who bought North Dakota, who helped turn it into even more of a partisan political rally so Hamm could call on attendees to vote for Mittens Romney.

And we paid for this?

Remember that frivolous lawsuit brought by the pro-Measure 2 crowd, when they tried to make government employees stop talking about Measure 2?  They based their lawsuit, in large part, on this part of North Dakota law:

No person may use any property belonging to or leased by, or any service which is provided to or carried on by, either directly or by contract, the state or any agency, department, bureau, board, commission, or political subdivision thereof, for any political purpose.

NDCC § 16.1-10-02(1)

Isn't the use of a state government paid-for event to raise money for Kevin Cramer and to call for people to vote for Mittens Romney and/or against Barack Obama a violation of this law?

Where are the Measure 2 proponents and their lawsuit machine when you need them? Where is North Dakota's "top cop" Wayne Stenehjem when you need him?  Where is the law enforcement?

I have to wonder how many tax dollars -- total -- helped pay to give Hamm the podium at this big fundraiser to call for people to vote for Mittens Romney.  I might have to look into that when things slow down for me at work.

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nimrod said:

Isn't that cozy?
I am imagining the AG, Gov, Berg, Kevin C, Hamm, and Helms holding hands with the ND Petroleum Council and singing "Kumbayah" in the secret back room at Peacock Alley. I just threw up in my mouth a little.
May 25, 2012
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D.E. Bishop said:

The MittWitt.

The Repub goal is to politicize all aspects of American govt on Every Level, to further their uses.

nimrod, the hurling thing? Me too. Ick.
May 25, 2012
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jonnnn said:

It appears that scheme to both promote and regulate the petroleum industry isn't panning out so well.

Perhaps the biggest problem with the nonsense of "regulation light" is that in virtually invites the feds in to regulate the space, in addition to the industry casting a lousy light on itself. Rest assured - the shareholders don't care because all they care about is profits and one of the most irresponsible yet sure ways to profits is socializing the costs.
June 08, 2012
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