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Elections Have Consequences PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   
Sunday, 11 November 2012 06:53

WarRoomI'm completely baffled at some of the things I'm hearing from my right wing friends.  Real friends and Facebook friends.  All friends on the right.  

I'm blown away by the number of them that are stunned -- shocked, I say! -- that Mittens Romney didn't win in a landslide.  They had read in the Grand Forks Herald and other in-state newspapers whose editors and writers had been hypnotized by Fox "News" and the SayAnythingBlawg that Romney was a sure bet, Berg was up by 10 points and the sun was going to come up in the West. Drudge told them Romney by a mile.  Rush Limbaugh had called the race late Monday night.  But, most importantly, Fox News said Romney was going to get over 300 electoral votes, guaranteed.  "Romney had the national popular vote tied up," said every Fox News commentator ever.  Surely he was going to win.

And then they woke up Wednesday morning and their whole house of cards had collapsed.  

Math worked.


"Heitkamp won?  That muslin guy won?!?  Nooooooooo!!!!"

Well, if this describes you, there's a letter written to you in the Grand Forks Herald today:

GRAND FORKS — On Tuesday, the electorate chose between two very different paths for America. It’s clear the direction the country wants to follow is the Democratic plan of President Barack Obama.

Not only did the country re-elect the president by the wide margin (332 to 206 electoral votes), but both the Senate and House also gained Democratic seats. Tea party candidates around the country lost, including Rick Berg. And in Berg’s case, he lost despite having not only a wealth of outside money but also Forum Communications’ consistent effort to get him elected.

GF Herald (LTE from Douglas Hiney, Jr.)

Mike Jacobs, Jack Zaleski, Brian Kroshus, Rob Port and the rest of the radical right-wing foil hat wearing set would be well served to read the rest of Hiney's letter, too.  

But I've got some additional advice for these men.  (All men, too, I might add.):

  1. Take off that tinfoil hat.  It makes you look far less intelligent than you probably are. And there aren't socialist moon rays bombarding your skull.  And if there were, it'd take something stronger than aluminum to protect you.
  2. Sell your massive stockpile of guns and ammo on EBay.  Obama isn't coming to take your guns.  Or your ammo.  Let the kids use that level in your house for their bedrooms again.  
  3. Turn off Fox News and go outside.   You could really use some fresh air.  
  4. Buy a book.  Read it.  I don't care -- much -- what it is, so long as it's not authored by anybody you've ever seen on Fox News.  Try a math text book.
  5. Stop calling Obama a "socialist" or a "radical leftist." President Obama is about as centrist a Democrat as the radical conservatives could hope for in the White House. There's nothing socialist about Obamacare. The individual mandate was dreamed up by the Heritage Foundation, for Chrisakes. How socialist are those guys?  The president isn't white like you. Get over it.

I could go on, but I won't. They'll get my drift.


I also gotta share part of an email exchange I had with a friend on Monday. I'm not going to "out" her here.  She can identify herself if she wants; it doesn't really change the message if she does, I think. She sent me a note that included this:

So, I just read 538 about our senate race and it said we’re assured for the republicans by 2 points. That totally depressed me. Talk me down from the ledge. 

Thank you,

538 -- for those of you who don't know -- is the fivethirtyeight political blog written by Nate Silver, at the New York Times. He's (usually) a spot-on pollitical poll analyst.  I wasn't sure what the "2 points" business was about, because Silver had Berg winning by over 5 points, in his last statistical model, but I responded at 2:24 p.m., on Monday before the election:

Nate uses the two shitty polls the Fargo Forum had done by a marketing polling firm that doesn’t do political polling. Their polls suck.

[Worthwhile polls] show the “point in time” numbers at the end of last week were Berg 47% and Heidi 46%, with independents (7%) breaking Heidi’s way at a fairly significant rate. Importantly, our GOTV effort has been really solid, and many more of Heidi’s strong supporers voted early, roughly 60%/40%.

It’s a really close race, but Heidi can win it.

My only fear is the SuperPAC

(Pardon my French. Admittedly, I got interrupted with five other things, didnt finish my thought about the SuperPAC, and then I hit the "send" button. Oops. If anybody cares what my unfinished thought was, let me know, and I'll try to resurrect it, as best I can. But it might also be obvious to some of you.)

That's where my head was on Monday at 2:24 p.m.  

And here's her response at 2:32 p.m.:

Thanks for the info. I’m officially off suicide watch.

Before Mike Jacobs' foil hat melts, I should note my friend was kidding; she was not actually on suicide watch.  (It's ridiculous that I actually have to make that clear.)

For the record, that's also where my head was as I arrived at the "War Room" (pictured above) on Tuesday morning, before the polls opened. I believed it was going to be close, but I believed Heidi was going to win by about a point.  And that is exactly how it turned out.


Okay, one last thing. (Again.)  I gotta share a rumor I've been hearing about the Rick Berg camp. I've heard the Berg camp and the NRSC were so confident Berg was going to run away with the election, that they redirected some or all of their GOTV phone calls to a race in some other state -- Michigan, perhaps -- before noon on Tuesday. Or some time on Tuesday, though I'd heard it was before noon. That's how confident they are rumored to have been. I wonder if that really happened. I also wonder whether the math genius who made that call -- a Karl Rove protégé, perhaps -- still has a job, if it happened. And, if so, whether he was allowed to wear his foil hat to work on Wednesday.

Where was your head on Tuesday morning?  How about Wednesday afternoon? Did it have a foil hat, too?

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What the Heck said:

I too am amazed at the sentiment displayed by a lot of folks through Facebook. Mostly midwestern folks. There seems to be a real push to require welfare recipients to submit to mandatory drug tests. To that I would suggest all CEOs, executives, and owners of companies receiving government subsidies, grants or tax abatements be required to do the same.
November 11, 2012
Votes: +1

big jake said:

Before everyone starts peeing in their pants, a close look at the election and the aftermath is in order.

One hope is that the nation has not lost its mind and we said no to the Romneys. I am grateful that Heidi beat Berg, however, there was a lot of anti-Berg votes and most likely the women's vote put her into office. Not an objection but a fundamental observation and that coupled with the fact that a great candidate for the U.S. House lost to a guy worse than Berg. And from the Governor down through the whole slate of Democrats, this was a predictable and overwhelming ass-whupping.
That is fact, not opinion. In light of that, we should be examining what the hell is wrong here and it has been for a long time. It should be clear the Republican lite has not worked and it should not have. We have principles but have failed to state them clearly which can be correctly interpreted that we do not have any.
While the Republican/tea party/ elitist machine continues and it is, the wealth of the nation continues to be transfered to the few. That is the real issue that should override all else. When 1% of us own 43% of the wealth and it is growing, the issue of national survival looms heavy. It is up to us to fix this. If we can't even address this in ND, little hope exists to fix it on a bigger scale.
November 12, 2012
Votes: +1

Big Running said:

Big Jake,

As a Republican I saw the Heidi upset coming a while ago and told my fellow crackpot GOP'ers that Berg's technique of standing in the corner and being unfriendly wasn't going to work. Heidi was rewarded for working harder and promoting her message better; she deserved to win.

Your analysis that the 1% of the wealth creators own 43% is bad is a reflection of the 47 million losers and (growing) sucking off the food stamp rolls. I'm all about giving a hand-up and have had some help a time or two myself, but the Democratic platform of entitlements is ruining this country.

How come you lefties on here can't admit that entitlements are out of control? I'll admit that corporate welfare is wrong and that the NDGOP hypocrites are selling out this state to the highest bidder.
November 27, 2012
Votes: -1

Jason said:

Berg lost by doing the same thing as Pomeroy
Berg lost because he mirrored Pomeroy's losing policy. He didn't think he was going to lose, He thought he was a shoe in to win. He didn't hold many town halls or public appearances because he didn't want to be questioned.

I think Heidi is a HORRIBLE choice...but I don't think Berg was much better. He lost because his own party doesn't like him. That is the only reason. Which I think is what Jake kind of pointed to.

That being said. Now that Heidi is in...it will be interesting to see if she votes center like she says or if she's going to follow the far left. If she does that it will be proof that she is not what she ran as.

The filibuster vote will be the first example. She votes to get rid of filibuster we will know where she stands.
November 30, 2012
Votes: +0

left coast watching said:

Update: Scraped today from kos. The biggest cache of still uncounted votes is in NY, where 800,000 to 1 million votes, most in NYC itself, remain to be counted. Tally is today: Obama 50.94, Romney 47.32. The NYC ballots will almost assuredly push Obama past the 51%—the first (1st) president to manage that high a popular vote %... TWICE... since Eisenhower.

Nice tips Chet: "Turn off Fox News and go outside. You could really use some fresh air. The average American is absorbing 20 hours (on average) of TV. That means, of course, somebody of us is watching "way more." We don't really need to worry about subversive government brainwashing tactics. Not only are many inflicting it upon themselves but they are buying the equipment required, installing it in their living rooms and paying for a regular monthly billing to get even more "programming."
December 04, 2012
Votes: +0

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