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A North Dakota Obamacare Technology Comparison PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chet   
Thursday, 24 October 2013 08:32

WSICompsRepublicans are outraged -- OUTRAGED!!!, I say -- about the fact that uninsured people are having trouble with getting enrolled to buy insurance on the healthcare exchange Republicans despise so much. (Good God, I hope the irony in that last sentence isn't lost on people.)  They're mad that the incredibly complex, 36-state insurance exchange system -- with income and identity verification systems built into it -- isn't working perfectly, while being overloaded with uninsured applicants trying to use the systems. Republicans are calling for the firing of administrators responsible for overseeing the contracts with vendors hired to set up the complex IT system.

So this big dust-up about the problems with the technology behind the ACA implementation got me thinking about stuff in North Dakota. What about North Dakota Republicans? Are they outraged? Do they get outraged when IT projects don't go exactly as planned? Do we have anything comparable -- on a North Dakota scale -- here in North Dakota?

And, yeah, we do. 

Remember how North Dakota's Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI) is years behind on a big IT upgrade?  WSI hired a company called "Aon" to overhaul its computer system back in 2007. The project had a scheduled, original completion date of December 31, 2009, and a budget of $14 million. Here's a snippet from a Bismarck Teabune story from January of this year...

The company had been under contract with WSI since 2007 to overhaul its computer system. The project had an original completion date of Dec. 31, 2009, and its total budget was $17.8 million, up from $14 million when work began.

“To date, WSI has spent about $17 million in total project costs. I’m very, very disappointed with that number,” [WSI CEO Brian] Klipfel said.

Bismarck Tribune

So the project is now four years behind schedule and 27% over budget.  And WSI's CEO is just "disappointed"? 

Remember all the Republicans calling for Klipfel's head?  Remember the NDGOP's top officials calling for Klipfel to "resign or befired"!?!  No? Didn't think so. That's because it never happened.

Dude is lucky he's not fired. He's lucky he's not been identified as a Democrat. RNC Chariman RNC PR BS is demanding Kathleen Sebelius resign or be fired as HHS director because of the problems with the Affordable Care Act website. So is Mittens Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan. So are various other Republican chowderheads. That's because moran Republicans think technology is easy and accountability is necessary for Democrats only.

(Speaking of accountability, have you heard anything about congressional hearings on America getting lied into a war in Iraq? No? Me either.)

And the WSI computer system overhaul isn't the only North Dakota state government computer overhaul where rabid, partisan asshats could point the finger and say some department head ought to be fired or resign. 

Yeah, it's too bad the ACA roll-out didn't go perfectly. Yeah, lots of things need work. But that doesn't mean Sebelius (or Klipfel or other North Dakota agency heads who've overseen huge, failed IT projects) should be fired. They just need to do their jobs. And the obstructionists certainly aren't offering any help. No, hater's gonna hate; obstructionist is gonna obstruct. Maybe it'd be easier for Sebelius to do her job if she didn't have mutton-heads demanding she -- and other people who have better things to do -- waste time being interrogated by them in some congressional committee.

Just a thought.

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Jakarta Joe said:

If our government resolved to begin selling guns online to the public and the website launched with technical issues similar to the ACA site technical issues, how many North Dakotan Republicans would be heard condemning guns?
October 28, 2013
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